Jessica-Schadko zusammen mit Ulrich und Julia Schätzl im Boxring

A boxer, ok, that is clear to all who followed us last week on social media. But who exactly  are we talking about?

Her name is Jessica Schadko, a young boxer talent, a fighter who comes from the halls of the CPI Boxing Gym from Donauwörth.

She had her debut on the 30th of March 2019 and since then has completed 8 fights, of which she could claim seven for herself by technical K.o. Not a bad performance, right?

And she has already won the Bavarian championship title. Jessica Schadko reached the first place at the Bavarian Youth Championships in Straubing in the Junior up to 73 kilograms. Also by a technical K. o.

Fight at the weekend cancelled after 10 seconds

Last weekend another fight of Jessica took place which lasted exactly 10 seconds. Thereafter, the boxing match was canceled because of a laceration on her forehead. The two opponents clashed with their heads right at the beginning. Risks of a serious injury in the further course of the fight were just too big for the referees. That´s why the repetition of the fight was postponed to February 2020.

Here’s the full fight happened last Saturday:

In slow motion you can see clearly how the two competitors literally get together. 

Jessica still has 3 competing matches in which she has to qualify for the World Championship title fights starting in April 2020. There she can once again prove her hunger for success. We look forward to the time together and more exciting fights.

What boxing has to do with us as a digital printing company you can read in our last blog.

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Schätzl print emotion starts with book production in a new hall

For the digital printing specialists Schätzl print emotion, 2019 will be all about big projects. The first step was the substantial investment in a hybrid book block solution from Swiss manufacturer Müller Martini.

This was followed by the start of construction of a production hall tailor-made for the acquired plant at the Schätzl headquarters in Donauwörth. The construction itself went smoothly and enabled the scheduled start of book production in September 2019. In the future, Schätzl will also be printing hard and softcover books. Edition 1: customizable, highly automated, online and with excellent quality. The investments of the year 2019 are part of the digitization plan “Schätzl 4.0”. Among other things, it guarantees the preservation of jobs through the successful retraining of staff for book production. The high degree of automation in book production ensures that Schätzl print emotion is very competitive, even on an international scale.

The fact that this is a KfW 55 energy efficiency building should not go unmentioned. This means that the hall consumes 45 % less primary energy than a comparable new building.

The following picture gallery documents important steps of the hall construction and gives an exciting insight into the construction of a modern hall, which is tuned to the peculiarities of a highly automated print production.

Who helped?

The majority of the contracted construction and planning companies, a total of more than ten trades, is also located in Donauwörth or in the district of Donau-Ries. So these investments made by Schätzl strengthen the region in two ways. The most important project partners for the new hall building were:

Sparkasse Donauwörth

Spitzmüller AG (Consulting Investment Promotion)

Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Karl Kammer Ingenieurbüro für kreative Architektur

Eigner Fertigbau GmbH & Co. KG (prefabricated concrete)

Heckel GmbH (amongst other things Plumber work, roofing)

Elektro Meyr (amongst other things Network, lighting)

Franz Leinfelder GmbH (earthwork)

HSK Robert Kohl (construction site preparation)

HPC AG (Foundation inspection)

Laumer GmbH & Co. KG (Soil and subsoil improvement)

Lichtenstern (Fire protection appraisals)

Karl Kundinger (Heating and plumbing)

Keratec Gebäudetechnik GmbH (air Conditioning)

Siegfried Koffler (drywall)

Schmid Kanaltechnik (sewer construction)

Vermessungsbüro WM GmbH & Co. KG (survey work)

Schlosserei Andreas Hofer (exterior shutters)

Book production from edition 1

Ulrich Schätzl, owner and managing director, is proud of the further growth. In particular, on the expansion of the offer in the known complex areas of hardcover and softcover letterpress printing. Ulrich Schätzl said to employees and customers:

„Since September 2019 printing has been running! This allows us to implement even more desired projects for existing customers in the usual Schätzl quality. Of course, we also look forward to convincing many new customers with our holistic and highly automated book production line. Our common goal is clear: Emotional products, excellently and efficiently printed.“

According to Michael Uhl (Management & Organization at Schätzl), the innovative hardcover block solution from Muller Martini, “is exactly what our customers need! The VBA / Vareo / InfiniTrim system is a hybrid system for softcover and hardcover, provides automatic sheet feeding, offers high format variability and reduces manual intervention.”

Summary for urgent readers tl;dr / too long, didn´t read

The construction of the hall went very smoothly. That’s why we can now also print hardcover and softcover from run 1 onwards. The new book production line is completely automated. We look forward to convincing and welcoming many new customers.

The majority of the contracted construction and planning companies, a total of more than ten trades, is also located in Donauwörth or in the district of Donau-Ries.

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4. Aktiver Feierabend in Augsburg – We were there

The “Aktiver Feierabend” in the technology center Augsburg went into the fourth round and we were asked to share our knowledge.
Armin J. Schweikert from the mehrWERTen network once again diligently invited. The topic is up to date like never before. Also for the middle class. We’re talking about using a cloud. Is she now mandatory? Does it always have to be the cloud or are there alternatives? What are the advantages, what are the dangers, if you choose, or against it?

Read everything about the course of the evening in this blog. Who were the speakers, what topics did they focus on?
And what can we pass on to them from our experience as a medium-sized company? Because there are enough stumbling blocks. We would like to list a few here so that you can avoid them.

Here is a short video for the said evening:

Many speakers from different industries have approached cloud usage and related topics with lectures and roundtable discussions. The approximately 70 guests, including our team, were fired on this evening with information from their experience pool.

Our Schätzl team on site
Our Schätzl team on site

Program of the evening

As already mentioned, we ourselves had the opportunity to contribute to the evening program. Ulrich Schätzl CEO of Schätzl print emotion in his 45-minute keynote introduced the use of its own cloud services in its own company. He focused on the transformation of an off-line offset print shop into a purely online and digitally operating company. He also dealt with stumbling blocks and dangers on the way to the cloud. As a pioneer and mastermind in the digital printing industry, he knows his way around outdated thought patterns. Likewise with actionism at the right time and the balancing act between analog and digital.
Questions from the audience were finally answered in an open question round by Ulrich Schätzl.

Break. Time to talk with the other guests. In a relaxed atmosphere, we talked about our own experiences and the use of cloud services in our own companies.

The second half started with a conversation between Raphael Thier, Walter Obholzer and Armin J. Schweikert. Topic was the outsourcing and outtasking for the middle class. Raphael Thier is the sales manager of NETexpress GmbH, Walter Obholzer the head of the business solution pvup at printvision AG). Based on several case studies, they explained which solutions are suitable for the respective requirements.

Subsequently, Christof Biermann, managing director of Versino Projects GmbH from Augsburg, compared the costs of an on-premise solution to a cloud solution and caused a surprise. There are significantly more factors to consider than the pure license costs for the software used. 

The last speaker was Wolfgang Schmid (specialist IT lawyer and data protection consultant – law firm Jus).
Mr. Schmid highlighted the legal component of the use of cloud providers and which issues one has to deal with as a company in this regard.

Excited audience at the 4th Aktiven Feierabend
Excited audience at the 4th Aktiven Feierabend

Stumbling blocks of cloud usage

Followed by the lectures we went to the cozy part of the evening. With buffet and cold drinks one had the possibility to exchange and make new contacts. These times and moments of potential contact were given special attention this evening. Many of the participants identified with Ulrich Schätzl and his lecture, creating a veritable flow of questions.
With such a complex topic more than understandable, there are some pitfalls that you have to face when it comes to cloud usage:

1.Non-transparent costs

At the forefront is the fear of intransparent costs, if you consider using a cloud. This is completely unjustified. All costs incurred are easy to calculate and view, as they can usually be billed monthly. In addition, the cost of renting a cloud solution is generally well below the cost of investing your own hardware and software.

2. Lack of know-how

Considering that you have to update your own hardware regularly to stay up to date, a cloud solution will be even more appealing. The maintenance of the technology takes over namely the respective provider. Thus, one can save further costs for IT professionals, as this staff is provided.

3. The search for a reliable partner

The use of the cloud has many advantages, but these are also dependent on the respective cloud provider.
For example, if it does not take enough care of its customers, it has a negative impact on their business. The same applies even if he can not muster sufficient capacity, or becomes incapacitated by a bankruptcy. When it comes to finding a reliable partner, a detailed search is definitely recommended.


What became apparent during the evening, both in the lectures and in the conversations with the other guests:
As in so many things, the Cloud theme is not a panacea that can be applied to anyone. The reality is more complex and individual than that.

You can read more about “Cloud Computing” next week in our next blog post.

Summary for urgent readers tl; dr / too long, didn’t read

The “Aktive Feierabend” in the technology center Augsburg went into the fourth round and we from Schätzl print emotion were asked to share our knowledge. Topic: Does it always have to be the cloud? Ulrich Schätzl CEO of Schätzl print emotion in his 45-minute keynote introduced the use of its own cloud services in its own company. He told about stumbling blocks as well as risks on using cloudsolutions.

Non-transparent costs, the lack of know-how and the search for a reliable cloud provider present a challenge for every medium-sized company. Likewise, the potential dangers of using a cloud. These include, for example, the dependency on the service provider, the acceptance of the employees when purchasing a cloud solution, as well as the potential external access of third parties to the company-internal files.

Dscoop 2019: “Automation as the key to the printing industry”

Our review of HP’s print community event

Schätzl print emotion at the DSCOOP 2019
DSCOOP 2019 – Ulrich Schätzl in the panel Best in class on commercial printing

In summer of 2019, Schätzl print emotion again took part in a major Dscoop event. We have taken many impressions that will surely inspire us as the year progresses. And we were also able to provide impulses as panel participants. Why? Well. because the latest Dscoop event in PortAventura in Spain focused on “our” topic: automation in the printing industry.

We regard automation and personalization as nothing less than THE key to the printing industry and its further positive development and future! That’s why we were of course looking forward to seeing this HP event.

Panel discussions with Ulrich Schätzl (CEO) and Steven Asumang (MD)

Thanks to the combined use of HP printing machines and OneFlow automation software, Schätzl print emotion has long been one of the pioneers in digital printing automation. And not just in German-speaking countries. It is therefore no coincidence that our Managing Director Ulrich Schätzl took part in the panel “Best in Class for Commercial Printing” on the first day and was allowed to set the first substantive accents on this success-critical topic. The other two panelists in the panel were Bulg’s Yoan Georgiev (Digital Print Division Manager). He is one of the market leaders in Bulgaria, and Joris Bosch, director of the Dutch company Wihabo.

Ulrich Schätzl answered the exciting question about customer focus on the Dscoop as followed:

Is it better to be customer-oriented or innovation-oriented?or both?

Definitely customer-oriented! Because there are many ways to be misled by innovation. In an ongoing business, it is always important to close the gap between innovation and customer needs.Of course it is good to keep in mind new ways and new fancy products. However, one should not lose sight of the crucial questions: Is it really something my company needs? And is there actually a market for product innovation? We also had to go through a complex process of implementing digital printing – which initially bore no fruit. But we continued and ultimately succeeded! There was an opportunity that we used because we anticipated a change in the market in good time. So it’s better to start with customers and their needs – and start thinking about optimizing them with new and innovative products or solutions.

Very enlightening – and accordingly much discussed on the Dscoop – also was the following assessment of our managing director:

Should one try to make it right for all customers – or even tailor the offer?

As a digital printing specialist, who has been consistently focusing on individual print projects from run 1 on for a long time, the answer is easy:

of course tailor-made and individual! We try to fulfill all aspects of our specialty vertically – and not to meet all conceivable customer needs horizontally. Because with this “softening” we would not be among the best. 

In practice, this means strengthening our supply chain, lowering production costs, generating upstream or downstream profits, and opening up new distribution channels. The interaction of these measures leads to a clear demarcation from the competition and to a more individualized, tailor-made focus as a company, from which the customers also benefit to the maximum.

The 100 percent philosophy

Ulrich Schätzl, owner and managing director of Schätzl Druck & Medien GmbH & Co. KG, not only represents a clear 100 percent philosophy in terms of quality, satisfaction and deadlines.

Online digital printing and on-demand printing are also in this category for him. And he goes one step further: anyone who misses the two closely interwoven trends in automation and personalization in the printing industry will ultimately be consumed by the competition. Sounds harsh, but it is like that. That is why Schätzl Druck & Medien GmbH & Co. KG has been printing exclusively digitally since 2015 under the brand name “Schätzl print emotion”. All products without exception are online and can be ordered on-demand.

And Schätzl print emotion specializes in individualized print products; already today more than 75 percent of all products are produced in one edition of one copy

The pioneering focus on automation and personalization is made possible by the combination of high-end digital printing presses from HP and automation software from OneFlow Systems, which is very rare in Germany. While there are already several hundred print service providers around the world that automate using OneFlow, there are actually only two users in Germany. Of course, we are happy to pass on the positive effects of this technology advantage to our customers (eg agencies, publishers, corporate clients).

Schätzl print emotion at the DSCOOP 2019
The team from Schätzl print emotion: 
Ulrich Schätzl (CEO),
Steven Asumang (Marketing Director),
Manuel Stefan (Sales Director)
and Julia Schätzl (Sales & PR)

Fair Recap: Review of the Dscoop 2019 in Barcelona

At the start of the three-day conference, the team from Schätzl print emotion headed by Ulrich Schätzl (Managing Director) of the Hotel “Caribe” went straight for the opening session. Chris Barez-Brown, a british hit author and entrepreneur was the keynote speaker, who oversees numerous global players such as Nike, Unilever and Diageo with his consulting firm “Upping Your Elvis”. An unusual choice for the keynote at a printing trade fair – and that’s why it’s so inspiring. Chris Barez-Brown always manages to get a surprising look, even on complex contexts.

Interesting first-hand impressions from the latest Dscoop event on the Mediterranean can be found in this YouTube video, which of course also includes the keynote speaker:

By the way, that was the course of the Dscoop 2019 in Barcelona:

Day 1, Wednesday, June 19th 2019

09:00 – 18:30 Registration

14:00 – 15:30 Opening-Session and Keynote

16:00 – 18:00 Educational sessions #1

18:00 – 20:00 Welcome reception

Day 2, Thursday, June 20th 2019

10:30 Solutions Showcase Open

14:00 – 15:00 Educational-Sessions#2

14:00 – 15:30 Opening-Session and Keynote #2

16:00 – 17:00 Educational-Sessions #3

17:00 – 18:30 End-Sessions and Keynote #3

19:00 –  01:00 Dscoop EDGE Party ☺

Day 3, Friday, June 21th 2019

09:30 – 12:00 Showcase Open with brunch and interactive workshops

12:00 – 16:00 Optional: Visit of the HP Experience Center on classic city tour

On Day 2, of course, the panel’s “Connect to Brands for an Automated Order Flow – Easier Than Ever” was the focus for the Schätzl team. For several reasons: Chris Knighton, CEO of OneFlow Systems, our important business partner, and our marketing director Steven Asumang were among the speakers. And maximum automation is our absolute hobby in digital printing! The other participants in the roundtable also brought with them a wealth of experience and expertise: Niels Berg (CEO, My Magic Story), Rene van Dijk (CPO Helloprint) and, of course, Keith Wilmont (CEO DSCOOP).

Between the various panels, sessions and training opportunities, there was the classic business at a trade fair: networking, exchange, technical discussions – and branch party!

The third day is rather quiet at many fairs, or just departure day. At Dscoop in PortAventura, there was a real highlight instead. There was a visit to one of only three showcase sites worldwide from HP. There then was a really interesting exhibition of current and innovative HP technologies to see. The variety of topics ranged from high-end digital printing on flexible packaging to also large format printing.

Summary for urgent readers, tl; dr / too long, did not read

When we saw the theme of the latest edition of the Dscoop event series, we thought, “Perfect!”. It was about automation in the printing industry. We are one of the pioneers in this field, at least in German-speaking countries. That’s why we were very pleased that our managing director Ulrich Schätzl and our marketing director Steven Asumang were invited to participate in important topic panels. Dscoop edge™ is a series of events from the printing industry for the printing industry initiated by US print manufacturer HP. The focus isn´t sales or acquisition, but exchange, networking, inspiration and discussions at eye level and in partnership.

That’s why every Dscoop event is a popular destination for print service providers, software houses and other trade visitors. The latest edition of dscoop edge™ took place in the spectacular PortAventura Conference Center. That is approximately one and a half hours away of the Catalan metropolis of Barcelona.

You can read a small recap of the three-day trade fair exclusively in the online customer magazine of Schätzl print emotion. Have fun!

Dscoop – „Print More. Print Smarter. Print Profitably.“

Dscoop (for short: Digital Solutions Cooperative) according to the initiator HP with more than 8,000 members, is the largest community for digital printing and printing – and rising. At the heart of the user-centric community are the sales, marketing and production teams of market-leading and innovative print providers using at least one of HP Graphic Arts flagship presses. Under the motto “Print More. Print Smarter. Print Profitably.” at the Dscoop events, print service providers, printer manufacturers, software companies and other trade visitors regularly and intensively exchange ideas. They network and support each other, they plan cooperations and, in direct exchange, learn a lot about the latest technologies, topics and trends in the printing industry. Everyone benefits from this: new ideas, surprising synergies and sustainable sales growth.

OneFlow Systems:

Under the slogan “Print production made simple”, the British company OneFlow Systems provides a truly groundbreaking workflow software for print service providers (PSP). OneFlow is ideally suited for Print Mass Customization, for the printing of personalized products (such as business cards, photo books) – from circulation 1. OneFlow therefore already is being used as automation software by several hundred companies worldwide. By contrast, there are only two users in German-speaking countries – and Schätzl print emotion is one of them! OneFlow automates the entire process of a print project, from online order receipt, preflighting and tracking to shipping – in a single integrated workflow, the OneFlow.

The use of OneFlow saves time and money. It does that with similar print jobs and projects are merged and then processed batchwise efficiently. The same thing happens when shipping: several orders are combined intelligently and cost-saving to a consignment. All of this happens automatically and can be monitored and controlled completely.

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Print finishing on a customer example

Inspirational Image Brochure: Project Interview with Control€xpert

In the print finishing the decision between the “UV varnish” process and “cellophaning” is always an exciting question. At one of our recent customer projects for the ControlExpert GmbH the question was a clear “Yes! UV spot coating PLUS soft-touch cellophane “. Thanks to the intelligent combination of the two print finishing technologies generates the desired attention. 

Also at the same time the Unique selling points and corporate values were communicated visible and haptically subliminally.

The new Image-brochure from Control€xpert was received very well. Thanks to an exciting mix of classically high-quality and at the same time quite experimental-looking print finishing. Both interested persons at a trade fair as well as existing customers and employees of ControlExpert Gmbh. This successful example of a booklet confirms one of our theses:

Target group-oriented and high-quality print finishing increases important measurements of advertising effectiveness measurable. Used correctly print finishing creates more attention! It increases brand awareness, provides for more interaction and also a more sustainable engagement with the Information.

Print finishing customer example

“Obviously, we hit a nerve with it.”

Our customer Control € xpert faces an exciting daily Challenge in marketing. The products and services are strong in need of explanation – also according to B2B standards. From solved challenges and the problems “cleared” along the way you can learn a lot. We would like to thank Beatrix Paeßens (Head of Marketing), Martin Piech (Production Management) and Karin Schock (Graphic Design and Marketing).

We publish parts of the roundtable as we think that the findings for many of our other clients, whether agency or end customer, should also be interesting as well.

Interview with Control€xpert

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“How did you first come to know us?”

Martin Piech (production execution, Control€xpert):
“For one of our last projects, a brochure for customer acquisition, we looked for a special finish – and then soon found Schätzl by searching online.”

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“What are your particular challenges in B2B marketing?”

Beatrix Paeßens (Marketing Director, Control€xpert):
“Our products and services are simply not self-explanatory and therefore not tangible. It therefore requires a little bit attention to potential customers in order to become our core topic open: the digitization of previously manually processed processes. Among other things, we gain this attention through our printed products. Personal contact with potential customers is very important to us. And of course it is an advantage, for example, to hold a particularly eye-catching brochure in hand. At the same time it should also have a certain attitude and convey a quality claim.”

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“One question during projects I always find particularly exciting: What is the core message we want the target groups to reach with?”

Beatrix Paeßens (Marketing Director, Control€xpert):
“That’s true! I always say: we are the digital champions in vehicle damage handling. This is of course a strong statement. But one thing where we align our actions and always be measured. And who acts like a champion, must leave the impression of a champion.”

Karin Schock (Graphic Design / Marketing, Control€xpert):
“That’s why we are always looking for ways to transport the product experience in a different way – even with our printed products. And print finishing plays an important role here.”

Used print finishing techniques?

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“Which printing and finishing techniques were used?”

Martin Piech ( production execution , Control€xpert)
“In this case we decided to take a full-surface soft touch Cellophaning and additionally for a partial UV spot coating.”

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“What made the difference for you, to exactly select this combination of technologies?”

Beatrix Paeßens (Marketing Director, Control€xpert):
“Our aim was to achieve a certain effect that was based on ours core values ​​deposit: Quality Products, Smart Solutions and optimized processes. We could represent this with the combination we used.”

Martin Piech (Production execution, Control€xpert)
“… and it was important for us, to be understood and well advised. We quickly had a feeling for technology, possibilities and the pricing. That was important so that we could decide ourselves for a slightly more expensive option with conviction.

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion)
“Is there any feedback from your customers or others yet?”

Martin Piech (production execution, Control€xpert)
“The feedback has been consistently positive so far. At the first use of the brochure, during a trade fair, we could see how well she “worked”. Interlocutors examined her attentively and dealt intensively with the contents. in our company the brochure also receives very well, we still see it on desks. Obviously we´ve hit a nerve with it.

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“Thank you for the interview!”

Print finishing customer example

Glossary Print finishing: cellophane wrapping / foil lamination

It is also known as foil lamination and has proven particularly useful in advertising materials. For example brochures, business cards and flyers. In cellophane wrapping, the surfaces of printed products get refined through the coating with a paper-thin film.

Glossary Print finishing: UV-Spotlack

UV-Spotlack highlights certain elements of an advertisement (eg pictures, graphics, texts, headlines) visually and very modern. The painting can be either matt or glossy, as well as full-surface or partial.

Summary for urgent readers, tl; dr / too long, didn´t read

The print finishing techniques cellophaning (film lamination) and UV spot varnish are excellently suited to attract attention. Even in the B2B environment – without having the same effect as market crier. That´s why our customer Control€xpert has used both technologies in a sophisticated combination for an image brochure.

The convincing mission statement from Control€xpert, as the “digital champion of automotive claims processing”, was to be printed in compelling print form. And it was about subliminally communicating values ​​such as “high-quality products”, “intelligent solutions” and “optimized processes” via haptic and optical signals.

With the help of samples and an intensive exchange in the production process, we together have succeeded in creating an image brochure which, through high interaction with the advertising material, leads to an in-depth study of the content. 

Read the full interview here in the detailed project interview.

Control€xpert – „Redefining Rules“

Under the motto “Redefining Rules”, ControlExpert GmbH has set itself ambitious goals.

The conditions and rules of the highly complex claims processing market are to be transformed thanks to consistent digitization, thereby becoming faster, more efficient, more transparent and more cost-effective. Control€xpert digitizes manual processes for insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive sector. Since its founding in 2002, the high-tech company has developed into one of Germany’s leading digitization experts. Control€xpert acts as a catalyst for innovations in areas such as “artificial intelligence”, “telematics” and “automatic image recognition”.

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INKISH visits Schätzl print emotion in Donauwörth

This June, Schätzl print emotion had the pleasure of being filmed by INKISH on behalf of Scodix. INKISH is an, if not the information channel for and about the printing industry. On their online channel they publish information about important personalities, companies, events and technologies of the printing industry. From this Schätzl clearly stands out for several reasons.

If you want to know why: Read more.

Or watch the Videodirectly.

From offset to digital printing

Schätzl print emotion, originally a conventional offset printing company, decided in 2013 to focus 100 percent on digital printing.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily: on the one hand in the digital printing technology HP Indigo 12000, on the other hand in a Scodix Ultra Pro. With the help of these technologies, runs can be made as early as the first run, at low cost and in the best quality. In addition, a new workflow was developed.
This allows you to process many individual orders per day while leaving enough time for in-depth conversations with customers. With the combination of modern printing presses and a comprehensive workflow, Ulrich Schätzl has developed a strategy that works for all sides. And saves time and nerves.

More about the advantages of a Scodix in the Video.

Schätzl and print finishing

What sets Schätzl apart is the focus on print finishing, on tactile, emotional print products. These are of high quality and delight customers and service providers alike.

Studies from the USA and Europa clearly show: When we touch an object, the willingness to buy it increases. The feel of a print ad has a measurable impact on purchasing decisions! The longer the interaction between human and product, the better. By the way, a longer exposure also increases the estimation of the financial value of the object being touched. You can also see and hear how such a refined product can look like in the Video and in our blog on print finishing.

Here also mentioned Schätzls partner onlineshop It brings great added value from the qualities and advantages of Schätzl and offers a multitude of refined products.

In conclusion, Schätzl is more relevant than ever as an innovative digital printing service provider.
To get started with our services and products you can watch the film by INKISH here. Have fun watching!

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