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    Our Finishing Technologies

    Print enhancement upgrades your prints optically.

    There is a wide range of possibilities and you choose which of our options you and your customers like best.
    With us you can choose between different types of print enhancement. There are two main types of it in our company: for one, enhancement with our laser and on the other hand with foil, varnish, and the like. Our newest acquisitions, a Lasercutter and the Scodix Ultra™ Pro, make it happen! For more details visit our technology page. Classic types of print enhancement, as for example foil lamination, hot foil or blind embossing are part of our standard repertoire.

    Come and visit our Showroom to explore our whole portfolio.

    Exclusive (print) products and print enhancement are more than a trend. Let your customers be a part of it and make their day with a golden gift. Or show your employees how much you appreciate them with a precious thank you.

    You’re having a rough idea of how your print enhancement could look? You can count on our advice!

    Of course, this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. The foundation has been laid for a longer-term cooperation with regular orders. We’re at your disposal as enhancement and print service provider including an automation of your business processes and a connection to your backend as well as your shop.

    Enhancement by coating effects

    Partial UV Coating

    Those who wish to make their print products stand out can obtain brilliant colour effects with print enhancement of different kinds – one effect is the Partial UV Coating. During this process, the varnish is applied either partially or on the full surface and is subsequently hardened by means of UV light. By adding various pigment or colour effects to the UV lacquer, lasting visual and haptic impressions can be achieved after the processing.

    We offer you different options for the enhancement of your products by coating effects: Transparent UV lacquer can be utilised to create either a high-gloss or matt-gloss surface. Textured Lacquer induces an enhanced surface finish after its hardening, which is not only visible, but also tangible.

    Benefit from the variety of our print enhancement options and elegantly revaluate your product both optically and haptically with Partial UV Coating!

    Enhancement by coating effects

    Relief Varnish

    Spot-coating with so-called Relief varnish is another brilliant effect. Seemingly three-dimensional coatings create various interesting effects – both visually and tangibly. Different elements can be emphasized three-dimensionally with the help of Relief varnish. Our Scodix Ultra Pro™ enhances the surface using a specific UV coating. Relief varnish is suited for both shining and matte effects and can be applied in colour by addition of colour pigments.

    Thus an enhancement by the coating effects of Relief varnish elegantly underlines the appearance of your product and captivates your customers with a haptic experience of its surface structure.

    Bring a third dimension to your products and revaluate them not only visually, but also haptically!

    Foil Enhancement

    Enhancement by hot-foil embossing

    Hot-foil embossing is a finishing process of high quality. With the help of our Scodix Ultra Pro™, brilliant impressions can be created through high-gloss metal foils or specific effect foils coloured in gold, silver and copper.

    The Scodix enhances on paper in all conceivable variations. There are almost unlimited possibilities for implying the hot-foil embossing in digital printing – regardless of types of paper and surfaces, we can enhance your products with high-gloss ornaments, areas or letterings. In that way, logos, texts and embellishments receive exceptional effects.

    Brilliance and sparkle are just the right things for your customers? Gain a first vivid impression in our Showroom.

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