Environment and quality are close to our hearts

Since we want to provide our customers with only the best, the advancement of our company is very important to us. We strive to always put the quality standard first and have thus worked for our certificates. In addition to quality, we also pay attention to the environment and sustainability, because despite high quality standards, we are aware of the responsibility towards this and the rising generation.

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FSC® Chain of Custody

This certification is one we are particularly fond of. We believe in sustainability and want you to be aware of it. The protection of the environment and our sense of responsibility towards this and coming generations has a great influence on our print products.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® – C103849) stands for sustainable and responsible foresting certificates wood products that were produced by forestry companies complying with the strict FSC criteria. A company working according to these criteria must maintain or develop an economically and ecologically sound forestry that fulfils a social purpose.

As a customer you support this cause and thereby actively contribute to the protection of the environment.


ISO 9001 / EN 9100

You place high demands on our work and that is only correct.

We face up to these demands! Our management system is always state-of-the-art and is certified according to EN 9100 and ISO 9001.Our quality standards are high and that is why our main processes are measured and rated regularly concerning their effectiveness and risks; in doing so, our processes are subject to a continuous development process.

For a well targeted organizational development we implemented a continuous improvement process (CIP) – circle. And that is what you experience in all of our areas – from production through our related services, customer services and in order management.
There is no secret behind it but our perfectly trained, open-minded, creative and structural staff – perfect in systematic working and analytical thinking. Our corporate management is constantly following the PDCA-cycle (plan – do – check – act). That is the reason why it is always controlled and standardized from planning up to successful implementation.

Schätzl print emotion – because your success needs systems.


As of 2018, Schätzl print emotion is Process Standard Digital (PSD) certified, as well. Thereby, we guarantee the highest quality standard according to ISO 15311 for all our production steps.

Furthermore, this quality standard is constantly monitored, maintained steady and improved wherever possible.

This means that your products will show the same colours even on additional prints done in a second run. It does not depend on the size of a print run, the material or the degree of whiteness. Even maintenance work regarding the machine is done by professionals and changes in temperature are avoided. As a consequence, all your products show the same colour in the end.


With the Process Standard Offest (PSO) we continuously record a measurable quality standard for our production chain. PSO describes an industry-oriented and standardised procedure for the production of print products, which is analogous to the standard series ISO 12467.

All of our products are subject to a pre-defined quality standard. Standardised monitoring procedures serve as an early and precise indicator for faulty or qualitatively inferior data.

Therefore, we can offer our customers several advantages at once: A definite deadline, quality assurance, easy reproducibility of jobs, perfectly identical colour impressions for different print products, significantly reduced need for on-site fine tuning and consequently more time and space for your actual core business.

Quality – monitored for consistency and on the highest level!


DHL GoGreen certification

Environmental protection, sustainability and climate protection are on everyone's lips and have become increasingly important in our society. One of our heart projects, which we implemented in 2019, makes a very big contribution to our environment. Through the additional service of DHL GoGreen, all our parcels are sent climate neutral. Thus, we were able to offset 19.68 t Co2e last year. We are very proud of this and look positively into a green future at Schätzl print emotion.
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