The full service provider for printing and media, Schätzl GmbH & Co. KG, invited a select group of guests to the 1st processing excellence day at the headquarters in Donauwörth. The international digital / hybrid printing and media company organized a day of information, innovation and dialogue. Decision-makers and executives from the publishing industry, agencies and industry have come.

HP Indigo 10000 and more

Managing Director Ulrich Schätzl names as the motive for such an informative event the most recent investments in the machine park. This primarily refers to the HP Indigo 10000 digital press. And of course the increased focus on digital and hybrid printing in large formats. Everything from piece 1 and customizable. Other reasons include the purchase of press finishing machines, such as perfect binding and cellophane wrapping. And upcoming machine purchases for production, also in the games, leisure and packaging segments.

Due to the expansion of machinery, the expansion of production areas became necessary. There was no time to wait for the extension already being planned. Temporary buildings contain a part of the production until the conversion. The entire IT department was temporarily housed in office containers together with the Marketing / Communications department. Currently, Schätzl employs 130 people.

New communication policy

The changes in the market not only affect the alignment, adaptation, production and distribution of the company. They also change their communication policy.

A rethink in documentation and presentation of the strategic orientation and the associated technical possibilities were necessary. A day on site with the in-house specialists directly at the machines and lectures of partner companies. Suitable for this is the dialogue between employees, customers and representatives of individual suppliers. This seemed to us the optimal way of customer involvement in the changes and innovations of our company.

As a family-run KMU in the second generation, Schätzl has many years of customer relationships. There are transparency, trust, reliability, personal contacts and product quality terms of the USP.

The 1st processing excellence day with lectures by HP Indigo, Horizon and CHILI Publish, guided tours of the machine park and exchange on all aspects of print production, provided informative, entertaining and exciting insights. Both in the changing printing industry in general, and in the path taken by Schätzl Druck und Medien in particular.

At the end of a hot day, a pizza box as a promotional item will always be remembered vividly. Just like the impressive changes of the Donauwörther printing company Schätzl.

“We wanted to make transparent where we came from, where we are today and where we want to go. We succeeded after feedback from our guests. For us as KMUs, it is important for our customers to have confidence in us. We wanted to demonstrate our innovative ability and competence in economic and technical thinking and action and invite our partners to dialogue, including critical questioning “, summed up Ulrich Schätzl and adds:” We are always on the lookout for skilled workers in the region, there is such Day as an advertisement for the location and our company always a suitable platform.”