4. Aktiver Feierabend in Augsburg – We were there

The “Aktiver Feierabend” in the technology center Augsburg went into the fourth round and we were asked to share our knowledge.
Armin J. Schweikert from the mehrWERTen network once again diligently invited. The topic is up to date like never before. Also for the middle class. We’re talking about using a cloud. Is she now mandatory? Does it always have to be the cloud or are there alternatives? What are the advantages, what are the dangers, if you choose, or against it?

Read everything about the course of the evening in this blog. Who were the speakers, what topics did they focus on?
And what can we pass on to them from our experience as a medium-sized company? Because there are enough stumbling blocks. We would like to list a few here so that you can avoid them.

Here is a short video for the said evening:

Many speakers from different industries have approached cloud usage and related topics with lectures and roundtable discussions. The approximately 70 guests, including our team, were fired on this evening with information from their experience pool.

Our Schätzl team on site
Our Schätzl team on site

Program of the evening

As already mentioned, we ourselves had the opportunity to contribute to the evening program. Ulrich Schätzl CEO of Schätzl print emotion in his 45-minute keynote introduced the use of its own cloud services in its own company. He focused on the transformation of an off-line offset print shop into a purely online and digitally operating company. He also dealt with stumbling blocks and dangers on the way to the cloud. As a pioneer and mastermind in the digital printing industry, he knows his way around outdated thought patterns. Likewise with actionism at the right time and the balancing act between analog and digital.
Questions from the audience were finally answered in an open question round by Ulrich Schätzl.

Break. Time to talk with the other guests. In a relaxed atmosphere, we talked about our own experiences and the use of cloud services in our own companies.

The second half started with a conversation between Raphael Thier, Walter Obholzer and Armin J. Schweikert. Topic was the outsourcing and outtasking for the middle class. Raphael Thier is the sales manager of NETexpress GmbH, Walter Obholzer the head of the business solution pvup at printvision AG). Based on several case studies, they explained which solutions are suitable for the respective requirements.

Subsequently, Christof Biermann, managing director of Versino Projects GmbH from Augsburg, compared the costs of an on-premise solution to a cloud solution and caused a surprise. There are significantly more factors to consider than the pure license costs for the software used. 

The last speaker was Wolfgang Schmid (specialist IT lawyer and data protection consultant – law firm Jus).
Mr. Schmid highlighted the legal component of the use of cloud providers and which issues one has to deal with as a company in this regard.

Excited audience at the 4th Aktiven Feierabend
Excited audience at the 4th Aktiven Feierabend

Stumbling blocks of cloud usage

Followed by the lectures we went to the cozy part of the evening. With buffet and cold drinks one had the possibility to exchange and make new contacts. These times and moments of potential contact were given special attention this evening. Many of the participants identified with Ulrich Schätzl and his lecture, creating a veritable flow of questions.
With such a complex topic more than understandable, there are some pitfalls that you have to face when it comes to cloud usage:

1.Non-transparent costs

At the forefront is the fear of intransparent costs, if you consider using a cloud. This is completely unjustified. All costs incurred are easy to calculate and view, as they can usually be billed monthly. In addition, the cost of renting a cloud solution is generally well below the cost of investing your own hardware and software.

2. Lack of know-how

Considering that you have to update your own hardware regularly to stay up to date, a cloud solution will be even more appealing. The maintenance of the technology takes over namely the respective provider. Thus, one can save further costs for IT professionals, as this staff is provided.

3. The search for a reliable partner

The use of the cloud has many advantages, but these are also dependent on the respective cloud provider.
For example, if it does not take enough care of its customers, it has a negative impact on their business. The same applies even if he can not muster sufficient capacity, or becomes incapacitated by a bankruptcy. When it comes to finding a reliable partner, a detailed search is definitely recommended.


What became apparent during the evening, both in the lectures and in the conversations with the other guests:
As in so many things, the Cloud theme is not a panacea that can be applied to anyone. The reality is more complex and individual than that.

You can read more about “Cloud Computing” next week in our next blog post.

Summary for urgent readers tl; dr / too long, didn’t read

The “Aktive Feierabend” in the technology center Augsburg went into the fourth round and we from Schätzl print emotion were asked to share our knowledge. Topic: Does it always have to be the cloud? Ulrich Schätzl CEO of Schätzl print emotion in his 45-minute keynote introduced the use of its own cloud services in its own company. He told about stumbling blocks as well as risks on using cloudsolutions.

Non-transparent costs, the lack of know-how and the search for a reliable cloud provider present a challenge for every medium-sized company. Likewise, the potential dangers of using a cloud. These include, for example, the dependency on the service provider, the acceptance of the employees when purchasing a cloud solution, as well as the potential external access of third parties to the company-internal files.