We bring some light into the darkness of the technical terms!

Are you a print newbie? Or are you a newcomer and would like to refresh your knowledge or update your knowledge of technical terms?

No matter why you have questions – here you get answers.

As is customary in modern times, new technical terms are constantly coming up in the printing industry. Some German, many of them English and sometimes confusing rather than self-explanatory.

These terms somehow bring digitization with them … processes that did not exist before, services that nobody has offered, and completely new possibilities everywhere!

And what is the difference between all those words whose explanations sound so similar?

We’ll bring you up to date here and now.

Note: We do not use definitions from the Duden or similar in this blog entry. Our aim is to make terms understandable in our own words and to illustrate them with examples.

Let’s start with the most understandable term …


Individualization means that there are different variants of a product to choose from. The one that suits you best can be chosen individually by everyone. We encounter individualized products both online and in shops, such as bookstores.

Individualisierung – Juniqe

An idea for this are pocket calendars or simple notebooks with different cover designs.

You are garden fan? Choose the flower cover.

Do you love animals? Giraffe, dog, cat or sloth … you decide.

Or is interior design your passion? Choose the simple yet elegant cover that features a white wall with exceptionally framed picture frames.

In summary: There are different, already given cover motifs from which you can choose one of your own. There are no possibilities for the book’s own design.

Example: If you prefer to see things other than just reading them, look at Juniqe. There you will surely find the right cover.


Personalization gives you more freedom. In some cases, you can put together the complete product yourself. According to your taste you shape, color, motive, writing, …

You tailor the product to the person who should receive it afterwards. This form of product customization is mostly online because personalized design and production can be greatly facilitated by online editors.


These include, for example, cards that you can design yourself.

Everyone can standard – you want an extraordinary format?

You know exactly which font you want to see?

An own motive should it still be?

Well then go! Enter all aspects and let your personalized product produce.

In summary: There are some options for every aspect, such as shape, color, motif, etc., given; you may also be completely free and can provide custom information. Your card will be created entirely by you and according to your ideas.

Example: Speaking of cards … a feast is pending and you want very special invitation cards? Take a look at Herzkarten.


Literally translated, print-on-demand means nothing more than “pressure on demand”. To put it better, however, it is rather “pressure on order”. As soon as you place an order in an online shop, the order goes not only to the supplier of the products, but also directly to the printer.

In today’s ever-accelerating age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to wait for a while.

Premium accounts often even make it possible to receive orders directly the next day.

Now the time is short and the invitations should be sent soon? Then Print on Demand is just the thing!

Above all, it makes sense when it comes to personalized products that are purchased by end customers. Often these require only individual copies or very small quantities. Print-on-demand saves you unnecessary waiting time.

In summary: Every single order is recorded immediately and sent to production. There it is then included in the production plan and printed and, if necessary, finished.

Example: In this case, we are, estimation processing excellence itself, a good example. We network your system with our own. Orders from B2B customers are grouped according to product types and produced within a short time.

See our blog entries about HurraHelden and Wonderbly as an example of print-on-demand with personalization from a single run on.

Mass Customization

Again, the German technical term is not much better understood than the usual English: customized mass production. But what does that mean? Mass production, of course, something is mass produced, i. in very large quantities. But how should that be customized, when it comes to the big crowd?

Imagine being the head of a large company.

They are very proud of their team because it has done a great job again this year’s high season.

Now, would you like to personally thank each one, including everyone who may not be working in the same location as you?

n summary: You address each employee, customer, guest, etc. personally with the same product. It is designed once and provided with one of the different names.

Example: Create a thank you card and write the names of all employees in a list – we’ll do the rest for you. Thus, you get the same card in your desired number, but with a small difference: each employee is personally addressed by his name.

So. We are at the end of the excursion into the ‘printing lexicon’.

Is something still unclear? Did we forget something?

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