What makes Schatzl print emotion special?

This pillar clearly focuses on the appreciation of the individual employee and our customers.

Admittedly a property that many companies are committed to. This is not without consequences. In this way, one of the most important prerequisites for a functioning coexistence degenerates into a phrase without strength and meaning.

The appreciation of every single one

With us, however, it looks a little different.

The most recent example is the Christmas peak 2019 two weeks ago. For those who don’t know what a peak is, this article will provide clarity. In the last week before Christmas, everyone had to help in the production and shipping.

Our managing director Ulrich Schätzl also worked day and night.

Ulrich Schätzl Geschäftsführer hilft mit im Versand
Ulrich Schätzl in the shipping
Mitarbeiter aus dem gesamten Unternehmen beim gemeinsamen Zusammensitzen
Sitting together on the last day of production before Christmas

By appreciation, we mean that we regularly put ourselves in our colleagues in order to understand them better. It is usually much easier to judge someone hastily than to take a moment to understand their counterpart. There isn’t always just your own view of things.

Why don’t you sit down in the chair of one of your employees? From this perspective, does the goal still look like it did from your place?

Nothing is more valuable than someone else’s point of view.

We are not about right or wrong, but about you and your own personal opinion. About you and your uniqueness as a whole and the contribution you can make to the community.

By appreciating and respecting each other, we at Schatzl print emotion create a cohesion that is unique.

How does mutual appreciation affect our customers?

We are a family company combining longstanding experience within the print sector with an affection for the extraordinary. We are enthused about every print product that we produce for our customers with a passion, though the new and the special is particularly appealing to us. Step by step, we are moving into an innovative future.

We would like to pass the enthusiasm along to you. For you, this not only results in being able to rely on our experience and dedication, we additionally assist and support you with every product and idea. Together with you we will find the perfect solution!

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