The second pillar on which our company is based

This week and in time for Christmas we continue with the profile about us and our company.

Schätzl print emotion is characterized by emotionality and you can see that, both in terms of our family life at work and in the production of high-quality printed products.


We have a highly automated workflow, print 100 percent digitally and without exception with the most modern printing machines. We are among the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and know our trade when it comes to print finished, highly individualized and personalized print products. A good proof for that are our expansion through a new hall construction and the investment in a hybrid book block solution from MüllerMartini.

It is important for us not to blindly rely on technology. In order to produce according to your wishes, man-made inspections are the key to success.

You will thus benefit from the perfect combination of the best technology and humanity – our team. Not only customers but also co-workers will find a sympathetic ear here. Your opinion is our main concern and essential to lead your project to success

Emotional = human

Our emotional engagement comes into play regularly at a wide variety of events. There is, for example, the event before the Christmas season, which we call “the peak”. Here we meet every year to review the year together and take a deep breath before the Christmas business starts.

If you are interested in how we prepared for this year’s Christmas business, you can read it here.

Then there is the peak season itself, in which everyone helps and lends a hand. A great cooperation in which the family grows together even closer.

Christmas calendar for employees

Hooray Heroes

And we celebrate with our customers. An example of this is the millionth book by Hooray Heroes. Refined and personalized both inside and out. A special product for a special moment.

The 1 millionth hurray hero book

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