From offline to digital. Digital values ​​in a supposedly analogous industry

Print is not Dead!

Why go online when your own traditional industry is mainly offline? 5 years ago, Schätzl print emotion changed its business model and took a step that hardly anyone in the industry dared to do so far. And why should they? The printing industry is still one of the top 10 industrial sectors in Germany. The global printing industry contributes $ 2,965 billion annually – 40 of them in Germany. “Print is Dead” hardly can be said here. So why change something that supposedly works?

Well, we had several reasons for doing so. Customer requirements have changed more and more in recent years. And not just in the printing industry. The entire market has changed. People want sustainable products. Quality not quantity. And it has to be customizable. The customer wants to express his individuality, differentiate himself from others, create his own products and move away from the generic mass product. You can read more about this topic in the blog “Always Newer, Ever Faster, Better… and more and more confusing?”

In offset printing, especially large runs can be realized inexpensively. Low quantities, on the other hand, are expensive to impossible. When it comes to digital printing, the whole thing looks different. Print products can be produced from run 1 here, and personalized in a way that is almost the same as a mass-produced product.

For these reasons, approximately 5 years ago, Schätzl print emotion decided to go new ways and radically changed its business model. From a classic offset printing house to a more and more digital printing company. Absolutely clear that this also results in software-side changes.

Transformation process from offline to online

Here is a short summary of our entrepreneurial career:

  • In 2000, Schätzl print emotion entered the digital printing sector.
  • In 2014, a cloud-based production system was introduced that made print-on-demand possible. The reason: our funds at that time were simply not designed for the production of personalized and individualized products.
  • Since 2015 we print 100% digitally and have turned our back on offset printing.
  • In 2018 our internal start-up “printsmarter” was founded, an online shop specializing in print finishing. If you want to get more involved with the topic of print finishing and printsmarter, you are welcome to drop by and get an overview.

Cloud use at Schätzl print emotion

The Cloud

Why did we choose to use a cloud? When you reflect on your own life, it becomes clear that almost everyone also uses cloud services in the private sector, for example listen to music (Spotify) or watch films and series (Netflix). There is almost nobody left who does not use the Internet in any way. Our customers, our logistics service providers and we are all online now. The complete communication takes place online.

With the help of our cloud solution, we are able to give our customers a specific insight into our production process, which allows us to offer them a high degree of transparency regarding their order status. And that makes the use of a cloud so attractive for us and our customers.

There are, however, some more benefits.

1. Flexibility

Cloud computing saves time, prevents overcapacity or bottlenecks, as we can flexibly adapt resources to our needs.

We at Schätzl print emotion have a seasonal business. Especially during Christmas, Easter or Father’s and Mother’s Day we can dynamically scale our resources to the required performance to absorb the increased volume of orders. In addition, we can determine for ourselves which part we want to outsource to the cloud and what we want to keep in our company internally. This enables us to keep the fixed costs for the customer low and to create attractive offers. The customer pays only what he consumes. And we grow with our customers. A win-win situation, so to speak. 

2. Saving costs

All costs incurred are easy to calculate and view, as they can usually be billed monthly.

The cost of renting a cloud solution can be made very attractive to us and our customers by the targeted scaling compared to their own local hardware and software. Our competent and long-term partners take care of the regular updating of the cloud in consultation with our internal team. This allows us to focus on our core business of being a printing partner.

3. The security of our customer data

Through various measures, such as encrypted transfers of data, deletion concepts, access control to data centers, certified processes and hosting in Europe, our data processing is regulated according to the DSGVO criteria.

Thanks to a team of internal and external specialists and their cooperation, we create maximum security.

Conclusion of the Cloud

We at Schätzl have opted for a hybrid solution. We use cloud services but also have in-house data processing capabilities. Thanks to our systems, we have been able to handle more than half a million individual orders in the last 12 months. With our high capacity and required computing power, a hybrid solution of cloud and local infrastructure is our first choice from a technical and commercial point of view.

As a digital printing company and global player, with overseas clients, a cloud is very convenient to us. Due to the good scalability, we have the opportunity to buy more storage space for a certain period if necessary. This is especially the case during the Christmas season, but also for other peaks like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Easter, where more orders have to be made than in the rest of the year.

In the previous blog, we’ve already talked about some stumbling blocks that crossed our path in search of the perfect symbiosis of cloud usage and in-house storage. And again, I remind you that there is no blueprint for the perfect cloud solution you can apply to your corporate structure, tracing and then working flawlessly. It’s not that easy. Whether a cloud solution makes sense varies from company to company. Among other things, it heavily depends on which products and services you offer, or whether you are traveling only regionally or internationally.

Summary for urgent readers, tl; dr / too long, didn’t read

Cloud computing is based on the principle that infrastructure and software are no longer available in the local corporate network but over the Internet. This can be done via own server farms or certified service providers.

The benefits of a cloud are preventing overcapacity and bottlenecks through targeted scaling, accessing larger amounts of storage, and freeing up costly deployment, installation, and maintenance of your own computing systems.

The disadvantages are the possible dependency on the respective cloud provider and the fact that there is no cloud without the internet. 

We at Schätzl have opted for a hybrid solution. We use cloud services but also have in-house systems. These allow us faster and more secure access.

If you want to know more about the problems and stumbling blocks we encountered with Schätzl print emotion, the perfect cloud solution you can read about in our last blog 4.Aktiver Feierabend in Augsburg – We were there. Our CEO Ulrich Schätzl dealt with the topic cloud during his lecture during the 4th active evening in Augsburg.

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