How to become a sponsor of a scholarship

In our case, the question can be answered quite simply: We know someone who studied at the University of Augsburg and received a German scholarship. We are interested in supporting future leaders and professionals who want to make a difference in ways relevant to them through a monthly contribution. That´s why we contacted the university.

The result: an IT scholarship for students at the Institute of Computer Science the University of Augsburg.

The advantage of the students is not only the financial support. Through the scholarship they receive the contact details for companies and the opportunity to find a reasonable job that suits your desires and skills for the future.

As a sponsor, on the other hand, you have the advantage of finding potential young people who like to work with you.

The advantages of the program of the University of Augsburg

The German scholarship helps the best and most committed students with 300 € per month. The nice thing about this program: The federal government takes over half of each grant if the University of Augsburg finds a private sponsor for the other half. The private contribution thus amounts to 1,800 euros per scholarship per year. There are currently 111 and a total of 25,500 German scholars at the University of Augsburg.

The German scholarship is not only an important contribution to financing your studies, but also recognition for outstanding achievements and motivation for the future. A key aspect – in addition to the financial – is the networking between sponsors and students. The annual scholarship celebration offers one first way of contacting. Afterwards they also support you with networking and are open to ideas such as mentoring, round tables, excursions to companies and presentations.

Many companies are already using the German scholarship very successfully for recruiting excellent young people.Further information on the German scholarship can be found on the homepage by the federal ministry of education and research

This program has piqued our interest that we have decided to offer a scholarship for 1.5 years for the Institute of Computer Science.

Scope of our funding

Number: 1 scholarship for 1.5 years 

Duration: Start: April 1, 2020, end: September 30, 2021.

Contribution: A total of € 2,700.00, monthly 150.00 €

This enables the University of Augsburg to accept a current scholarship holder in the summer semester in 2020.

Special feature: 

Only students from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Augsburg can be promoted.

Achievements of the University of Augsburg

The University of Augsburg is committed to

– use the donation only as part of the German scholarship according to the scholarship program act and the federal government ordinance on implementation of the scholarship program act.

– select students where to expect particularly good academic performance, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

– pay the scholarships in monthly installments,

– the sponsor once the donation has been received by the University of Augsburg to issue a donation certificate for the amount donated.

Are you curious? A scholarship is a good thing and has advantages on both sides. Have you thought about the scholarship? Maybe we could give you some motivation to think about a scholarship sponsorship. It is worth it in any case!

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