HP Indigo 12.000 – Delivered, assembled and printed!

If you want even better print quality, you should make room: for HP Indigo 12.000! Our boss, Ulrich Schätzl, convinced himself at the DSCOOP 2018 in Vienna and came back with an order: “Get ready for the new digital printing machine!

Sounds good, you can do it that way. But with the HP Indigo 12,000 it gets even better!

We have been printing various print products since 1981. Over the years, we have noticed that pressure is on the rise. Brochures, flyers, posters, books go through our presses every day in the B-2 process and convince customers from different countries with colorful and refined print products.

Now you could say: sounds good. Can you continue like this! “But you do not have to! Staying one step ahead always gives you flexibility and the incentive to offer customers even more options. “, Says managing director Ulrich Schätzl.

Decisions need time. But not always!

It started for Ulrich Schätzl in June this year, for the International Conference for Printers and Creative Persons, DSCOOP 2018 in Vienna. He was looking forward to the exchange with Europe-wide users, creative and printing experts. Between exciting lectures and insight into the growing world of printing, he met the HP Indigo 12,000.

With 812dpi at 8-bit, it prints brochures, canvases, and books in high definition, duplex, and up to 4,600 sheets per hour. “It is time for us to get them into the hallowed halls and convince ourselves of their technical functions.” Ulrich Schätzl thought, on the way home to Donauwörth.

Delivery of the HP Indigo 12,000 – Ready to start!

The very next day the final decision was made. Ulrich Schätzl strolled through our halls and looked around. We knew something was coming. Right! The countdown started for the delivery of the HP Indigo 12,000. It has always been a bit exciting when new technology is delivered. After all, you do not have that every day. We were well prepared, made room, opened the roller shutters and were ready for a new innovation, digital printing in B-2 format.

Here it comes: The HP Indigo 12,000.
It is supplied in individual parts in sturdy wooden boxes. Our employees have an eye on it. Because once you have quality, you do not want to miss it anymore.

Construction of our new printing press

It started with the construction of the HP Indigo 12,000. The service technician of the manufacturer and employees from our print shop have taken on this matter, because after all, professional hands are needed for a flawless operational function.

It started with the operator platform, which is basically the basis of every printing press. The Perfector and the Vision System & Spectrophotometer were next in line and were adjusted along with the impression cylinder and registration cameras. This was followed by blanket and exposure cylinder, without which a print in such a high quality would not be possible.

Binary color developer and the high-speed laser stylus are probably the most sensitive press parts. The automatic PIP exchange system and the charging roller are the parts that closes the color cabinet. To get the most out of the HP Indigo 12,000, it’s the turn of the truck and proofing unit.

Our conclusion – with the press by you!

The delivery and assembly of our new HP Indigo 12,000 was exciting. Each of us wanted to be there and see from which press our CEO was so quickly convinced. Now she is there, set up and has already successfully completed the first print jobs. The press and we are now even by you. And every day we enjoy the color intensity and the brilliance of every single printed product.

Here’s the new HP Indigo 12,000, waiting for your orders.