What makes us different

We at Schätzl continue to develop and grow steadily. A good current example of this is the hall construction this year, which has been running book production since September.

Despite high demand, we wanted to maintain our high quality standards and have therefore further expanded our company.

Erfolgshungrig - Hallenbau

Quality is very important to us, because without quality, no success. But we also know, that this is not everything. It´s also important to stay hungry for success!

Hungry for success

At Schätzl we work goal-oriented and professional. We stand for cosmopolitan thinking and combine this with innovative and advanced print products. Our passion is reflected in our high-quality, emotional products and is optimally tailored to our customers in a solution-oriented manner. With our offers, we can be strategically flexible and prudent as well as generating momentum.

Schätzl print emotion - Einladungen Silber und Gold (Scodixveredelung)

Together with our B2B printing partners, we achieve our goals with fairness and trust. Through our experience we go national as well as international steps.

Our company is designed to grow and so are our employees. They educate, train, study and attend language courses. Schätzl also offers a business English course.

Through our internal start up printsmarter we have made it to our mission to cover and reach even more niches.

Assisting others in their growth

But even on topics that have nothing to do with the printing industry, we remain true to our motifs and support others in their growth.

We sponsor young talents outside of our industry, who has nothing to do with digital printing.

This Saturday, the 7th of December in Donauwörth in the old Augsburger Straße 2, one of these talents will again prove his hunger for success.

But we do not want to reveal more at this point. In the following days we will reveal more exciting details. Stay tuned is worth it.

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