INKISH visits Schätzl print emotion in Donauwörth

This June, Schätzl print emotion had the pleasure of being filmed by INKISH on behalf of Scodix. INKISH is an, if not the information channel for and about the printing industry. On their online channel they publish information about important personalities, companies, events and technologies of the printing industry. From this Schätzl clearly stands out for several reasons.

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From offset to digital printing

Schätzl print emotion, originally a conventional offset printing company, decided in 2013 to focus 100 percent on digital printing.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily: on the one hand in the digital printing technology HP Indigo 12000, on the other hand in a Scodix Ultra Pro. With the help of these technologies, runs can be made as early as the first run, at low cost and in the best quality. In addition, a new workflow was developed.
This allows you to process many individual orders per day while leaving enough time for in-depth conversations with customers. With the combination of modern printing presses and a comprehensive workflow, Ulrich Schätzl has developed a strategy that works for all sides. And saves time and nerves.

More about the advantages of a Scodix in the Video.

Schätzl and print finishing

What sets Schätzl apart is the focus on print finishing, on tactile, emotional print products. These are of high quality and delight customers and service providers alike.

Studies from the USA and Europa clearly show: When we touch an object, the willingness to buy it increases. The feel of a print ad has a measurable impact on purchasing decisions! The longer the interaction between human and product, the better. By the way, a longer exposure also increases the estimation of the financial value of the object being touched. You can also see and hear how such a refined product can look like in the Video and in our blog on print finishing.

Here also mentioned Schätzls partner onlineshop It brings great added value from the qualities and advantages of Schätzl and offers a multitude of refined products.

In conclusion, Schätzl is more relevant than ever as an innovative digital printing service provider.
To get started with our services and products you can watch the film by INKISH here. Have fun watching!