Inkspiration Awards 2017

As you may have already seen on our Facebook page, we visited the Dscoop in Lyon from 7 to 9 June. There, the HP Inkspiration Awards 2017 took place, which we even applied for.

Let’s get to some general information first …

In total, there were the following eight categories:

  • self-promotion
  • direct mail
  • Catalogs / Brochures / Flyer
  • publishing
  • Photo books / photo appliations
  • folding
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Labels / bottle labels

More than 200 projects were submitted in all eight categories. The goal was to find the best, most innovative applications created by HP Indigo customers and to discover how they are revolutionizing the world of digital printing.

And what about our participation …?

We decided to promote the category Catalogs / Brochures / Flyers at the HP Inkspiration Awards 2017 with a social project that is close to our hearts: it’s called UN / HIDE and was started by ARTHELPS.

The project takes place in a refugee camp near Mosul in Iraq. An ARTHELPS team went there and painted (in addition to other art things) with the children who live there. With the help of art they should be helped to process all the incidents they had to endure at a young age.

First, parts of her artwork were digitized on site; these are now the heart of the social project as they have become a fashion collection. Then the individual elements were placed next to and on top of each other. This results in different camouflage patterns.

From a distance, the camouflage pattern looks just like this. But if you look closer, you take the individual elements. Instead of the actual purpose of hiding someone or something, they reveal what children perceived and experienced.

However, not only was a fashion collection made out of it, but lookbooks were also created to help people understand in more detail what this social project is all about. Speaking of detail … the 1000 computer-generated designs of the unique lookbooks differed in the combination of colors and patterns and were therefore all unique!

And that brings us back to our participation in the Inkspiration Awards 2017!

These lookbooks were printed on the high-quality EXTRAMATT TOUCH 280 g / m2 and 145 g / m2 paper sponsored by Metapaper. We from Schätzl Druck & Medien, printed these free of charge to make our contribution and to support the social project UN / HIDE.

So this is the project with which we have applied in the category Catalogs / Brochures / Flyers.


First, because this wonderful project deserves so much attention and as many supporters as it can get. Second, of course, we thought it would be very possible to win.

And did we win?

No, in the end we did not take the first place (and the second one was not announced), but we made it into the TOP 3 and are very proud of it.

While ColorPrint Numérique from France was a TOP 3 candidate, Nava Press from Italy won in this category.

Congratulations to both!

All in all, we are very happy to have participated in the Inkspiration Awards 2017 and even more that we have reached the TOP 3.

Looks like we have to get the gold medal next year.