Innovative and green – Schätzl print emotion increasingly focuses on sustainability!

Climate protection, sustainability and environmental protection are on everyone’s lips. Many people and also companies are asking themselves more and more what they can do to act more sustainable. After all, the future belongs to companies that are actively involved in climate protection. There are many ways to counteract climate change and there are many ways to implement them. In this article, we would like to present some examples that you can use as an entrepreneur, but also as a private person! Let’s improve our world together a little bit and do something good!

Online meetings instead of on-site appointments

How about holding your next meeting online rather than at the client’s location? Due to the Corona pandemic, the attitude towards home office has generally changed and many attendance appointments are now handled online. So next time you can suggest to your customer that an online meeting would be an option! If visiting is still necessary, it is often worth taking the train instead of the car or plane. The CO2 emission is a lot lower and if you book early, even the price of the train ticket is competable. So why not try out new possibilities?

Engaging green electricity suppliers

Companies, but also private individuals can make a contribution to environmental protection by purchasing green electricity from renewable energy sources or even producing their own electricity. If energy-efficient appliances are used more, even a private household can save a lot of electricity.

Switching to other means of transport

Each and every one of us can already make a small contribution to climate protection every day by cycling to work, carpooling outside the workplace or using public transport if the connection is good.

Save electricity

By using LED lamps, 0.4 tons of C02 can be saved per year in a single-family house with four people. Energy-saving lamps have a much longer life span than a light bulb and require only a fifth of the energy. If these lamps are then combined with a motion detector, the electricity requirement can be reduced many times over in companies. For example in stairwells, kitchens, toilets and corridors.

Use of recycled paper

If we absolutely have to print a document, we should use recycled paper at this point. The “Blue Angel” eco-label guarantees that the paper fibres are made from 100% recycled paper. So each of us can help the environment. However, before each print job we should consider whether it is necessary to print the document or whether digital storage on a server is sufficient.

As you can see, each of us, whether we are a company or an individual, can make our lives more sustainable and thus counteract climate change. At this point, we would of course not like to deprive you of the environmental protection measures that we are implementing at our company on a daily basis.


DHL additional service GoGreen

We as Schätzl print emotion have decided to make a contribution to environmental protection. Our parcels are now sent climate neutrally. This enables us to compensate for transport-related CO2e emissions and makes a sustainable contribution to climate protection. Last year we were able to offset 19.68 t Co2e as a result. You can see here our certificate.

Increased use in the home office

The Corona crisis has turned living and working in Germany upside down. To protect our employees, all our administrative staff was quickly equipped with laptops. In the future we will retain this concept and our employees are going to work from home. This not only saves CO2 emissions, but also allows us to use the work space more cautious through our workplace sharing.

Online meetings and further training

Our employees are constantly being trained and the range of online training courses has also increased. As a result, we are making greater use of online training in order to save on travel costs. In the same way, most of our meetings take place online rather than on site. This saves time, the sometimes very long journey, time can be used effectively on the way and we do something good for our environment!

FSC certifications

This certification is very important to us, so we offer our customers the possibility to print their products on FSC-certified paper. This label confirms that the wood has been produced according to high ecological and social standards and that the products therefore come from responsible forestry. Thus, each of our customers can make an active contribution to environmental protection.

Use of a photovoltaic system

We are continuously moving with the progress of time and therefore we are growing steadily. Thus, we are planning a photovoltaic system with our extension building, which will be installed with 640 modules and achieve a total output of approximately 225 kWp. Our electricity consumption last year was 660,000 kWh. The new system will enable us to feed 235,000 kWh into the grid, of which we ourselves will consume approximately 183,000 kWh. The remaining portion will then be fed into the grid. With this plant, we can make a major contribution to environmental protection and are becoming ever greener. We are very proud of this!

In the future we have planned many more projects that will sustainably support our environment. If you are interested in digital printing and finishing and would like to profit from our profound know-how, we recommend our newsletter.