Participation of Schätzl Print Emotion and Metapaper in the social project Un / Hide in Iraq by Arthelps

Art. Looks pretty nice sometimes. But why do you need that? Is that art or can it go away? A phrase that is heard again and again among teenagers and young adults. But are you aware of its importance? Art is actually compared to rubbish. Thereby, art can do so much. Be classic. Be colorful. Being individual. Expressing things, quite subtle or loud and conspicuous. Touching people, only for a short or a lifetime and with great effect. Start something that matters a lot to a few people or trigger an avalanche of drive that stands for innovation and change, for revolution.

Arthelps – Border crossers, dreamers, inventors and designers who want to bring change

As the name implies, ARTHELPS uses art to help people living in socially deprived backgrounds. Various projects worldwide try to give others the freedom to escape from everyday life for a while. An everyday life that consists of much fear, violence, war and hopelessness. Through the social projects of ARTHELPS space is created, which is there to dream, to be carefree, to be a child.

Un/Hide – Do not hide!

The social project UN / HIDE was started in a camp near the city of Mosul in Iraq. Thousands of people now live there, longing for a sense of security. Here is the name of the program: unhide – uncover! That’s exactly the goal of the initiative. The dreams and thoughts, the fates of the children are to be revealed and expressed through their own art. It should help them to process what they already had to experience. They should not hide anymore – unhide! How? It’s up to them … dancing, singing, painting, tinkering, but above all, dreaming and laughing, the escapees unfolded together with the ARTHELPS team.

The resulting works expressed honestly and informally what children’s eyes perceived. Some of the expressive results were digitized on-site at the camp. These are now the heart of the social project UN / HIDE and become a fashion collection. Composed and superimposed, they form various camouflage patterns that obscure the true meaning of the tricks from a distance. But if you approach it and look closer – unhide! – so you perceive individual forms and elements. The very idea of ​​the camouflage pattern of hiding something or someone is therefore used to the contrary. In the ARTHELPS shop the fashion collection is available and every purchase of the special pieces in turn supports the project UN / HIDE.

Die Lookbooks – Collaboration with Metapaper and Schätzl print emotion

The lookbooks printed by Schätzl print emotion for the campaign contain information and images on ARTHELPS and UN / HIDE and the mentality of the initiative becomes clear. It says: “Creative and imaginatively transformed, it no longer serves to hide people. It reflects the strength, courage and joy of life of the campers. A strong sign – inside and out.” It becomes clear that these patterns of individuality and uniqueness are hard to beat.

Metapaper and Schätzl print emotion were involved in the final print conversion of the lookbooks. To make this art tangible, Metapaper provided the high-quality paper EXTRAMATT TOUCH 280 g / m2 and 145 g / m2 used for this project free of charge. Schätzl print emotion took over the print of the motifs free of charge. This was possible thanks to the HP Indigo 10,000 digital press, which even prints from only one piece of the same subject. The 1,000 Printex copies with camouflage pattern are all unique thanks to the HP Indigo 10,000.

We, the team of Schätzl print emotion, thank you for the smooth and successful cooperation with ARTHELPS and Metapaper and look forward to future projects.

Anyone who also feels like working with ARTHELPS or wants to help through art can easily establish contact with the team and contribute to their own potential.