What printing services do we offer our customers?

When it comes to print providers, most will probably think of Flyeralarm or WIRmachenDRUCK and their printing services. It is the common business: the customer uploads his print data, orders the desired product in mostly the quantities specified by the print service provider and usually receives his print products a few days later. At Schätzl print emotion things look a bit different. Find out which printing services we offer our customers, what makes us unique and whether can you also get benefits from our offer.

Services that stand out – what does Schätzl offer?

Print service for online shops

We network our customer’s system (for example an online shop) directly with our workflow solution. This enables you to automate your business processes and thus save time and money.

We are print service providers for online shops, online customers, resellers and print partners. This is also an important prerequisite for being able to be connected with us.

By automating all ordering processes, data no longer has to be transmitted manually. Everything happens in real time and fully automatically. This allows our customers to concentrate entirely on their core business. Below we will show you how a typical order process looks like.

Printing service print fulfillment and dropshipping

We are also a fulfillment partner and dropshipping provider.

The technical term print fulfillment stands for the complete takeover of the handling: from the confirmation of the online order, to storage (for example paper), printing and finishing, down to the packaging and shipping of the customers products.

With the help of print on demand, drop shipping and print fulfillment, our customers minimize their risks of inventory and shipping and eliminate necessary investments, like for example printing machines. 

Depending on our customers wishes, individual processes can be taken over in a partnership on Print on Demand. But other process chains can also be outsourced, which result in a time, cost and personnel advantage.

Printing service finishing technology

Last but not least, we have to talk about our printing service the digital print finishing. With high-end technologies, such as the Scodix Ultra Pro, the Bograma Stanze or our laser cutter, we enable our customers to enhance their print products optically and haptically. If you would like to find out more about print finishing, click here.

What are the requirements to be connected with us?

As you can see, there are some services that speak for us. But how can you also benefit from them?

In order to benefit from our printing services, you must operate an online shop, a digital ordering platform or something similar like that.

It is also important that you have an producible portfolio. The products we print can be divided into three categories. First we have single sheet products such as posters, postcards, greeting cards and business cards.

Next there are calendars with spiral binding. The core business, however, is our book production, with hard and soft covers. These can be produced with digital perfect binding as well as with a straight and round back. Everything in the best quality, everything digital and everything from piece 1.

Since a picture says more than a 1000 words, we have outlined a typical order process below:

With a tracking ID, you can see at any time how far your order has progressed in the processing and sending process.

What makes us special? Why you should come to us.

There are several good reasons to choose Schätzl print emotion. First of all, there is a fully barcode-supported, industrial, individual and personalized piece 1 mass production of print products with high-end technology. What is high-end technology? Amongst other things, by this we mean our Buchstraße, which is currently unique worldwide and which enables us to operate mass customization at a high level.

Mass Customization, is a customized mass production or simply: Products can be produced individually and yet inexpensively. In Germany, for example, this has been used in the configuration of well-known automobile manufacturers for many years.

Mass customization as an innovative printing service is the key to targeting and addressing demanding target groups with personalized products and advertising materials in the future.


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