We have already talked about the “Scodix” on our social media channels a few times. Before you close the page again: HERE you will find details about it as well as the background story and many pictures.

The Scodix Ultra Pro ™ is the latest addition to our fleet of machines. But what interests you !? Of course you want to know what you can get from it …

You can have a whole lot of it, because the Scodix Ultra Pro ™ is a true all-rounder in terms of refinement! Whether shine, glitter, braille or a braille crystal metallic effect, … we can offer you that and much more now!

Much more? Yes, but what is it?

Look for yourself…

The pictures look (in our opinion) quite nice, but the possibilities of the Scodix you have to feel with your own hands!

And how did that work step by step?

Exactly how did it happen that the Scodix is ​​now in our house?

Well, in Lyon at the Dscoop our boss, Ulrich Schätzl [center] signed the contract (after some considerations in advance but we just leave out here, because we do not want to bore you)!

Immediately after the Dscoop, this was packed again and quickly shipped to us in Donauwörth.

About a week later it looked like this in Donauwörth:

Quite a lot of boxes … but whoever can do a lot also needs a lot of space for his talents!

Then it went to the construction and the man in the following picture and other hard-working helpers worked (almost 😉) day and night, so our Scodix first looked like this:

And then evolved …

… to look like this:

However, the operation of this machine must be learned, which is why the responsible staff participated in an in-house training of just under a week. They know very well now and you can come to them with any questions!

The test phase is already over and a lot has been printed.