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Schätzl print emotion starts with book production in a new hall

For the digital printing specialists Schätzl print emotion, 2019 will be all about big projects. The first step was the substantial investment in a hybrid book block solution from Swiss manufacturer Müller Martini.

This was followed by the start of construction of a production hall tailor-made for the acquired plant at the Schätzl headquarters in Donauwörth. The construction itself went smoothly and enabled the scheduled start of book production in September 2019. In the future, Schätzl will also be printing hard and softcover books. Edition 1: customizable, highly automated, online and with excellent quality. The investments of the year 2019 are part of the digitization plan “Schätzl 4.0”. Among other things, it guarantees the preservation of jobs through the successful retraining of staff for book production. The high degree of automation in book production ensures that Schätzl print emotion is very competitive, even on an international scale.

The fact that this is a KfW 55 energy efficiency building should not go unmentioned. This means that the hall consumes 45 % less primary energy than a comparable new building.

The following picture gallery documents important steps of the hall construction and gives an exciting insight into the construction of a modern hall, which is tuned to the peculiarities of a highly automated print production.

Who helped?

The majority of the contracted construction and planning companies, a total of more than ten trades, is also located in Donauwörth or in the district of Donau-Ries. So these investments made by Schätzl strengthen the region in two ways. The most important project partners for the new hall building were:

Sparkasse Donauwörth

Spitzmüller AG (Consulting Investment Promotion)

Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Karl Kammer Ingenieurbüro für kreative Architektur

Eigner Fertigbau GmbH & Co. KG (prefabricated concrete)

Heckel GmbH (amongst other things Plumber work, roofing)

Elektro Meyr (amongst other things Network, lighting)

Franz Leinfelder GmbH (earthwork)

HSK Robert Kohl (construction site preparation)

HPC AG (Foundation inspection)

Laumer GmbH & Co. KG (Soil and subsoil improvement)

Lichtenstern (Fire protection appraisals)

Karl Kundinger (Heating and plumbing)

Keratec Gebäudetechnik GmbH (air Conditioning)

Siegfried Koffler (drywall)

Schmid Kanaltechnik (sewer construction)

Vermessungsbüro WM GmbH & Co. KG (survey work)

Schlosserei Andreas Hofer (exterior shutters)

Book production from edition 1

Ulrich Schätzl, owner and managing director, is proud of the further growth. In particular, on the expansion of the offer in the known complex areas of hardcover and softcover letterpress printing. Ulrich Schätzl said to employees and customers:

„Since September 2019 printing has been running! This allows us to implement even more desired projects for existing customers in the usual Schätzl quality. Of course, we also look forward to convincing many new customers with our holistic and highly automated book production line. Our common goal is clear: Emotional products, excellently and efficiently printed.“

According to Michael Uhl (Management & Organization at Schätzl), the innovative hardcover block solution from Muller Martini, “is exactly what our customers need! The VBA / Vareo / InfiniTrim system is a hybrid system for softcover and hardcover, provides automatic sheet feeding, offers high format variability and reduces manual intervention.”

Summary for urgent readers tl;dr / too long, didn´t read

The construction of the hall went very smoothly. That’s why we can now also print hardcover and softcover from run 1 onwards. The new book production line is completely automated. We look forward to convincing and welcoming many new customers.

The majority of the contracted construction and planning companies, a total of more than ten trades, is also located in Donauwörth or in the district of Donau-Ries.

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Schätzl print emotion invests in a networked bookblock-solution

Michael Uhl (Schätzl): “Exactly that, what our customers needed.”

Schätzl print emotion and Muller Martini signing the contract
Representative of Swiss printing plant specialist Muller Martini in a relaxed technical discussion with Michael Uhl (management, administration and organization) and Ulrich Schätzl (managing director) of Schätzl print emotion.

If buyers and sellers alike are happy, it was a good deal – for all sides!

The positive spirit of optimism in the talks between Schätzl print emotion and Muller Martini can be seen formally at this year’s Hunkeler Innovation Days.

SPE invests in a networked hybrid book block solution from Muller Martini, because it is “exactly what our customers need,” as Michael Uhl from SPE briefly and succinctly puts it.

September 2019: Start of production for individual hardcover editions

Actually, there are even three winners in the mentioned deal, because as early as September 2019, the first customer projects are to be printed in the new production hall. For the first time, not only softcover products but also printed products with hardcover are produced on an industrial scale – typical of course from the first edition onwards. This meets the customers’ wishes for maximum individualization.

All SPE customers should enjoy the new possibilities as quickly as possible. Therefore, shortly after the conclusion of the contract with Muller Martini, the starting signal was given for the further expansion of the production area. 

At Schätzl’s headquarters in Donauwörth, a corresponding extension will be built by the summer of 2019, especially for the newly acquired press finishing plant. In the new building will find space:


  • book cover automaton DA270 (Kolbus)
  • book line Diamant MC
  • perfect binding line Vareo and
  • the three-knife trimmer InfiniTrim (all from Müller Martini)

Connex the production control software (also by Muller Martini) ensures digital networking with a high degree of automation.

In postpress, software is becoming increasingly important.

With the investment now made Schätzl print emotion, a family business like Müller Martini, wants to further increase the already high level of digitization and automation. Managing Director Ulrich Schätzl explains the considerations behind the acquisition of the Muller Martini printing plant, which was recently presented as a world first: “We focus on fully automated processes and need scalable and automatable capacity due to seasonal fluctuations. Especially for the Christmas business, we looked for a new solution.” 

Schätzl attaches particular importance not to the “hardware” of the system, but to the “Connex” -software used. 

According to Ulrich Schätzl, this workflow system is actually “even more important than the individual machines, because it is the basis for our networked production, which is indispensable. Connex is an excellent support for our Schätzl 4.0 strategy.”

In 2018, Schätzl print emotion was already investing heavily

The investment makes Schätzl print emotion one of the first companies worldwide to offer a hybrid book block solution. As early as 2018, the Swabian printing specialist had distinguished itself by consistently investing in the interests of its customers. At that time an HP Indigo 12000 was purchased. It prints 7 colors and white and that up to the format of 53 x 75 cm.

Summary for urgent readers, tl;dr / too long, didn’t read

Schätzl print emotion enlarges the production area and invests in an innovative, networked Book line solution. They are one of the first digital printing specialists in the world to have acquired a hybrid bookblock solution from Muller Martini of Switzerland. This new system enables the industrial production of hardcover book blocks from an edition of 1! 

The investment fits excellently with the overall strategy of Schätzl print emotion, which focuses on consistent investment in digitization and networking. Always in focus: The wishes and needs of customers for individualized and personalized print products.

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