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Inspirational Image Brochure: Project Interview with Control€xpert

In the print finishing the decision between the “UV varnish” process and “cellophaning” is always an exciting question. At one of our recent customer projects for the ControlExpert GmbH the question was a clear “Yes! UV spot coating PLUS soft-touch cellophane “. Thanks to the intelligent combination of the two print finishing technologies generates the desired attention. 

Also at the same time the Unique selling points and corporate values were communicated visible and haptically subliminally.

The new Image-brochure from Control€xpert was received very well. Thanks to an exciting mix of classically high-quality and at the same time quite experimental-looking print finishing. Both interested persons at a trade fair as well as existing customers and employees of ControlExpert Gmbh. This successful example of a booklet confirms one of our theses:

Target group-oriented and high-quality print finishing increases important measurements of advertising effectiveness measurable. Used correctly print finishing creates more attention! It increases brand awareness, provides for more interaction and also a more sustainable engagement with the Information.

Print finishing customer example

“Obviously, we hit a nerve with it.”

Our customer Control € xpert faces an exciting daily Challenge in marketing. The products and services are strong in need of explanation – also according to B2B standards. From solved challenges and the problems “cleared” along the way you can learn a lot. We would like to thank Beatrix Paeßens (Head of Marketing), Martin Piech (Production Management) and Karin Schock (Graphic Design and Marketing).

We publish parts of the roundtable as we think that the findings for many of our other clients, whether agency or end customer, should also be interesting as well.

Interview with Control€xpert

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“How did you first come to know us?”

Martin Piech (production execution, Control€xpert):
“For one of our last projects, a brochure for customer acquisition, we looked for a special finish – and then soon found Schätzl by searching online.”

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“What are your particular challenges in B2B marketing?”

Beatrix Paeßens (Marketing Director, Control€xpert):
“Our products and services are simply not self-explanatory and therefore not tangible. It therefore requires a little bit attention to potential customers in order to become our core topic open: the digitization of previously manually processed processes. Among other things, we gain this attention through our printed products. Personal contact with potential customers is very important to us. And of course it is an advantage, for example, to hold a particularly eye-catching brochure in hand. At the same time it should also have a certain attitude and convey a quality claim.”

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“One question during projects I always find particularly exciting: What is the core message we want the target groups to reach with?”

Beatrix Paeßens (Marketing Director, Control€xpert):
“That’s true! I always say: we are the digital champions in vehicle damage handling. This is of course a strong statement. But one thing where we align our actions and always be measured. And who acts like a champion, must leave the impression of a champion.”

Karin Schock (Graphic Design / Marketing, Control€xpert):
“That’s why we are always looking for ways to transport the product experience in a different way – even with our printed products. And print finishing plays an important role here.”

Used print finishing techniques?

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“Which printing and finishing techniques were used?”

Martin Piech ( production execution , Control€xpert)
“In this case we decided to take a full-surface soft touch Cellophaning and additionally for a partial UV spot coating.”

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“What made the difference for you, to exactly select this combination of technologies?”

Beatrix Paeßens (Marketing Director, Control€xpert):
“Our aim was to achieve a certain effect that was based on ours core values ​​deposit: Quality Products, Smart Solutions and optimized processes. We could represent this with the combination we used.”

Martin Piech (Production execution, Control€xpert)
“… and it was important for us, to be understood and well advised. We quickly had a feeling for technology, possibilities and the pricing. That was important so that we could decide ourselves for a slightly more expensive option with conviction.

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion)
“Is there any feedback from your customers or others yet?”

Martin Piech (production execution, Control€xpert)
“The feedback has been consistently positive so far. At the first use of the brochure, during a trade fair, we could see how well she “worked”. Interlocutors examined her attentively and dealt intensively with the contents. in our company the brochure also receives very well, we still see it on desks. Obviously we´ve hit a nerve with it.

Steven Asumang (Schätzl print emotion):
“Thank you for the interview!”

Print finishing customer example

Glossary Print finishing: cellophane wrapping / foil lamination

It is also known as foil lamination and has proven particularly useful in advertising materials. For example brochures, business cards and flyers. In cellophane wrapping, the surfaces of printed products get refined through the coating with a paper-thin film.

Glossary Print finishing: UV-Spotlack

UV-Spotlack highlights certain elements of an advertisement (eg pictures, graphics, texts, headlines) visually and very modern. The painting can be either matt or glossy, as well as full-surface or partial.

Summary for urgent readers, tl; dr / too long, didn´t read

The print finishing techniques cellophaning (film lamination) and UV spot varnish are excellently suited to attract attention. Even in the B2B environment – without having the same effect as market crier. That´s why our customer Control€xpert has used both technologies in a sophisticated combination for an image brochure.

The convincing mission statement from Control€xpert, as the “digital champion of automotive claims processing”, was to be printed in compelling print form. And it was about subliminally communicating values ​​such as “high-quality products”, “intelligent solutions” and “optimized processes” via haptic and optical signals.

With the help of samples and an intensive exchange in the production process, we together have succeeded in creating an image brochure which, through high interaction with the advertising material, leads to an in-depth study of the content. 

Read the full interview here in the detailed project interview.

Control€xpert – „Redefining Rules“

Under the motto “Redefining Rules”, ControlExpert GmbH has set itself ambitious goals.

The conditions and rules of the highly complex claims processing market are to be transformed thanks to consistent digitization, thereby becoming faster, more efficient, more transparent and more cost-effective. Control€xpert digitizes manual processes for insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive sector. Since its founding in 2002, the high-tech company has developed into one of Germany’s leading digitization experts. Control€xpert acts as a catalyst for innovations in areas such as “artificial intelligence”, “telematics” and “automatic image recognition”.

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