Schätzl Druck & Medien and Papier Union

The Future Is Now. Under this motto an event took place on September 7th in cooperation with Papier Union. According to their own statement, the approximately 40 participants came without really knowing what to expect.

The invitation included phrases such as “Experience the creativity and countless possibilities of digital printing”, “Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of papers and digital finishing techniques” or “Together, we’d like to discuss the trends in digital printing.” …

Therefore the focus was on the trends and opportunities in digital printing, the refinement of print products and various types of paper. Aha, you probably think now … right?

Then read on, we’re just at the beginning.


With the welcome of our boss, Ulrich Schätzl, and a breakfast made of finger food, which was provided by Kronhart Caterers, it started.

But also Ulrich Schätzl was vague … The Future is now he mentioned again … We live in the here and now, but do not need to expect the future, because the future is already there!

Okaaay … is it!?

What exactly are you looking for in digital printing …?

  • Mass Customization
  • Haptic
  • Shape

In our opinion, these are the three points that determine whether to choose a supplier as your printing partner or to continue searching.

We are a pioneer of print run reduction and offer production from 1. Your orders can be easily and quickly reordered by individually tailored to you and your needs portals.

In addition, we offer #DigitalPrintNative individual formats, which are found on the one hand in the diversity of our Mailman templates. On the other hand, since 2013 we have been supported by the HP Indigo 10,000 digital press, which can print up to 75x53cm. And it has another advantage … customization and personalization of your print products is therefore no problem at all.

But that is not the end!

Print finishing


Since this year, we are also in the midst of refinement

On the one hand, the Scodix Ultra Pro ™ enriches our machine park, on the other hand we have a laser cutter. You do not know what that is? Find out more on our blog.

But here are the most important things:

If you want to work with personalized finishing in the small to medium circulation segment, we are your contact point.  From piece 1 we refine individual motives and personalized messages without the elaborate production of embossing forms.

But not only for the eyes the results of the Scodix are an experience. In this case, do not be persuaded to look only with your eyes! Because you must have felt that!

Contact us now for free samples!