Watching the motion cutter alone is an extraordinary experience. The laser flies over the paper at neckbreaking speed, leaving filigree details on a previously untouched sheet of paper.

These combination of precise movement and filigree top speed allows you to conjure up the most beautiful patterns in your prints with the laser.

A huge variety of functions provides almost unlimited possibilities of design. The laser of the Motioncutters can dose its power very precisely and thus easily between cutting and perforating, slitting and engraving or even differentiating grooves.

But even with the material he surprised us again and again. He brings his talents to bear on plastic, magnetic paper and even wood. Even on fabric there were already successful projects.

It not only combines incredible speed with absolute precision on different materials …

… no, also in personalization he is ahead of his time!

Above all, the extreme speed allows much greater flexibility.

You only need one greeting card per company and would like to engrave the respective logo? Only unique things !?

We make it possible!
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You are not completely convinced yet and would like to know more about the functions of the laser cutter?



The laser penetrates the material completely and cuts everything from straight lines to filigree decorations.


Whether micro or slot perforation, with the help of this function elements can break out of a sheet ultralight. For example, you can give away cards that are to be mated together.


In the so-called kiss cut, only the label itself is cut, while the backing paper remains untouched. This allows easy detachment of the labels.


In this case, the uppermost layers of the material are removed. Depending on the thickness, elements stand out and create a 3D effect. Your projects come to life.


As the laser grooves inside, the paper fibers on the outside remain untouched, leaving the overall picture of your print intact.


Personalization made easy. Laser name, birthdays or other personalized details of your customers and address each person personally. The appreciation on your part towards your customers is therefore clearly visible.

Motioncutter 2.0®

According to Motioncutter, your own creativity is the only limit. We think so too!

Find inspiration through application examples from the Motion Cutter or through other

Be creative and put your ideas on paper!

We prepare the laser.