The challenges with the seasonal business

Seasonal business refers to businesses that are influenced by seasonal factors, such as the trade in goods for example sunscreen products, Christmas trees, or printed products.

There are no changeable influences, like the weather which is relevant to restaurants and delivery services, or the season. 

On a pleasant summer evening, I prefer to sit in the beer garden. Very much to the detriment of delivery services. In winter, on the other hand, I think three times whether I would like to make my way to a restaurant, or I prefer to have my food delivered to my home.

The situation is similar in the printing industry with regard to for example, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter. Not to forget the Christmas business, which is already starting in the next few days.

Christmas – the biggest peak of every year

Schätzl print emotion is set for this seasonal business. But that does not mean that we depend on it at the same time. We produce and print for our customers throughout the year. However, the Christmas time stands out most clearly and requires a lot of planning.

It is not without reason that we organize the annual so-called “Peakevent” in order to relish the calm before the storm. And of course to celebrate the previous working year with the entire workforce.

This year the peakevent took place on 27.09 in Genderkingen. Here are some impressions:

Weihnachts Peak Schätzl print emotion
Weihnachts Peak Schätzl print emotion
Weihnachts Peak Schätzl print emotion

How did we prepare ourselves for the upcoming peak?

The big advantage of the seasonal business? The peaks are predictable. Christmas, Easter and Mother’s and Father’s Day are expected to be celebrated again next year.

That means you can adjust to it. And that’s exactly what we did at Schätzl print emotion. The first step was the substantial investment in a hybrid book block solution from Swiss manufacturer Müller Martini.

The construction of the new hall followed and enabled the scheduled start of book production in September of this year. Now we can also print hardcover and softcover books with higher volume and better quality as before. Learn more about hall construction here.

Not to forget the fact that some successful years are already behind us. Therefore we can plan the needed resources in the long term by accumulated experience. The warehouse will be filled in time for the onslaught. Additional staff will be recruited and prepared for the customer rush with training.

The rather “calmer” summer we have invested in the design of the business, the construction of the additional hall and our digital appearance, so our website redesign.

We understand our business and are prepared this year again. We are looking forward to your projects. With the additional capacity of the new hall, I would even say that we will doing better than ever.