Our all-round service for your own online store

As an owner of an online store you already have or still have to choose a suitable print service provider. Here you are confronted with numerous questions, such as:

  • Which print service provider is the right one for me?
  • Which services my partner can provide for me?
  • Which services make sense at all?
  • How does it differ from the competition?
  • What advantages does my partner offer me?

If you have already asked yourself one or two questions, you should read our blog post, because today we will show you which services we, Schätzl print emotion, can take over for you and how we differ from the competition.

When it comes to print service providers, you have probably heard of WIRmachenDRUCK, Flyeralarm or viaprinto. The process is identical for every service provider: The customer orders his print product in a usually specified quantity / paper grade / grammage / color. He then uploads his print data and usually holds his print product in his hands a few days later. We at Schätzl print emotion print print products in a specified quantity, paper type, grammage and color, but what is the difference to other print service providers? We will explain that to you now!

Our all-round service

Fully automated workflow

We network your online store directly with our workflow solution. Our complete solution enables an automated order processing, which is individually tailored to our customers. This means an immense saving of time and costs for you, because all order and processing procedures are done automatically. This means that manual data entry is no longer necessary. This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business and we take care of the rest. The graphic below shows you how our ordering process works.

The first step is to generate an order via your customer portal. Using our API interface, the data is transferred to us in a cloud-based manner and then collected in production batches and imposed via barcode-supported production. This offers you complete transparency across all production steps. In the fourth step, the print products are printed, finished and packaged. Depending on the product and country, you can choose from various shipping companies with whom we have exclusive contracts. Finally, the products are delivered to your B2C customers, who can hardly wait for their delivery.

Print fulfillment and dropshipping

In addition to our fully automated order processing, we offer our customers the option of print fulfillment and dropshipping. Print fulfillment means the complete takeover of all (production) steps, such as order receipt, printing, finishing, further processing, picking, packaging and shipping.

With dropshipping, you as a customer do not have to keep any stocks, because we store these products for you and deliver them directly to your end customer with the order.

Through our print fulfillment, including print on demand and drop shipping, we minimize the risks of stockholding, inventory and shipping for our customers. Thus we eliminate the necessary investments in advance, not only in machines but also in inventories. Individually tailored to the needs of our customers, we take over individual processes or outsource other process chains, which will save you time, costs and personnel.


In order to be able to offer our customers consistently high quality print products, we have access to first-class machinery.

In addition to two HP Indigo 12,000 and one 7,900, three Canon presses are available. Our finishing department shines with a Scodix Ultra pro 2, a Horizon (BQ 470) and the bookbinding line from Muller Martini – the first in Germany. In order to stay one step ahead of digital change, our machine park will be expanded in 2020 with a SmartStacker (intelligent cutting), a Ventura Digital (thread sewing) and a Rotary Die Cutting (die cutting).

Partner network

By shipping your products worldwide, we make it possible for you to scale your business to an extremely high degree. In order to keep the delivery times for your customers as short as possible and to offer attractive delivery conditions, we rely on our exclusive partner network. This means for you that an order whose delivery is outside the EU will be transferred to our partner in the respective country. This partner produces and dispatches the order via a local carrier. Thus, the delivery time is between one to three days instead of eight days.

Are there any requirements to be connected to us as a customer?

In order for us to offer you our individual service, you need to operate an online store, a digital ordering platform or similar. It is also important that you as an online customer, reseller or print partner have a producible portfolio.

Which print products can we realize for you?

Our print products can be divided into three categories:

  • Personalized and individualized greeting cards / single sheets, calendars
  • Personalized (photo, children’s) books and WireO spiral books
  • Photo-based products (Polaroids, posters, stamped products, folders)

However, our core business is book production, with hard and soft covers. These can be produced with digital adhesive binding as well as with straight and round spines. All in best quality, all digital and from piece 1.

Schätzl print emotion – Your reliable print fulfillment partner

There are some good reasons to choose Schätzl print emotion, such as

Automated processes
● Fully automatic connection
● Inline bookbinding line with front and back attachment
● Experienced book production partner
● Personal & individual service

Automated production
● Complete transparency across all production steps (barcode)
● Comprehensive product & refinement portfolio
● Mass Customization / Print on Demand

Automated logistics
● Whitelabel shipping
● Extensive returns management
● Special conditions, as exclusive partner for EU/NON-EU


If you have any questions while reading, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your questions and are always available for a free informative talk.

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