9 tips for getting started in filming

Movies are great. I hardly know anyone who could not get excited about a movie at least once. But it does not have to be blockbuster right away.

But it also can be works that we see in front of the laptop, or on the phone, like Youtube videos, 30 seconds on Instagram, so-called snackable content, or just a professional form of filming: the image or advertising film.

In our time of day, when everything is getting more hectic and stressful, moving images can be a beacon in midst of chaos.Something in which one lingers longer. That you look at. Because it is more relaxed to watch a movie than to fight through text blocks. And, moreover, it’s more entertaining – if done well.

Also, we have already made some films for our company. We were helped by the agency NGN Studios. Among other things, a commercial with HurraHelden , one of our customers.

In the next lines we would like to share our experiences during our different film shoots. In addition, we will explain the difference between image film and commercial. And in the end, you can decide for yourself if the film medium is also something for your company.

Image film or commercial? What are the differences?

The focus of an image film should never be on a quick increase in sales. Rather, it gives deeper insights into a company, a federation or an association, helps to make production processes more transparent. The goal: a stronger emotional connection with the viewer.

The creation of an advertising film serves to make the customer aware of a product, a service or a brand and shows the positive effects of a purchase. Here, the customer and his needs are always in the focus of film production. It is therefore important to clearly highlight the benefits of the product being advertised and the added value for the customer. Challenges here: arouse the interest of the audience, at the same time be entertaining and convey information.

The endproduct

Detailed planning of a film – the alpha and omega

What should be considered? What makes the shooting easier? When do you know that you are dealing with a professional agency? We have put together a small checklist that deals with these questions.

  1. The basic requirement for a film shoot is that you have defined certain goals, what you want to achieve with the film. That can happen in a briefing. Invest more time in communication at the beginning. Worth it.
  2. A question that should not be missing in the briefing is the question of realizability. Are the shooting days and the budget enough to do what you imagine?
  3. When you have their main idea, focus now on your target group. This also brings the style of film, because it makes a difference whether you appeal to a young audience, or seniors.
  4. Do you engage actors for your shoot, as in a classic commercial, or do you work with ‘real people’, people who work with you?
  5. Where do you want to shoot? In a studio, or in your company? Or maybe both?
  6. Pay attention to the equipment used. Especially in terms of costs. It makes a difference whether you incorporate drones and elaborate crane drives into the shoot.
  7. Make-up artist yes, or no? She, or he’s responsible for the looks of the actors. We do not consider it wrong to hire someone who is familiar with this topic.
  8. Where and how will the film be released? On the Internet, on TV, during cinema advertising? Where the movie is played decides a lot about its style.
  9. Last but not least, the topic of music: Pay attention to the licenses of the music used, otherwise the GEMA sits on your necks. There is also GEMA-free music specifically for video productions.
Werbefilmdreh für unsere nächste Kampagne
Cutouts from our last commercial film shoot for the next campaign

Legal requirements

Essentially, there are 3 things to consider here.

If you got them nothing stands in your way anymore:

  1. Do you have a consent from every employee who will speak in the film?
  2. Do you need shooting permits for the places you want to shoot? This also applies to aerial photography with a drone.
  3. Are there safety regulations to be observed at the location? Do you shoot in a production hall, for example? Take the time here to instruct all participants of the film team.

How much is a movie?

You probably can already think what’s coming, right? The costs of a movie heavily depending on its individual demands. Do you hire actors, do you have unusual locations and ideas that can only be realized in several days of shooting? Do you need your film in several languages? These are all factors that strongly influence the cost issue. When choosing the agency, make sure to present a respectable budget. An agency that complies with the points in our checklist definitely makes a good impression.

The agency responsible for our movie content is called NGN Studios. An agency you can not go wrong with.

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