Way of thinking during the transformation process – what role do employees play?

In the blog post “From Offline to Digital” we have already talked about `concomitants` of our transformation process.

Today, it’s about the way of thinking that underlies our transformation process and how Ulrich Schätzl has turned an analogue into a digitally active company.

During a lecture at the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies e.V., which is based in Munich, these topics were also presented by our CEO.

How we talk to each other

According to Simon Sinek, a US author and business consultant, every single person and business on the planet knows what they are doing.

Some know how to do it, whether you call it your differentiated value contribution, your value creation process, or your unique selling proposition. But few people or companies know why they do what they do. And by “why” is not meant to “make a profit”. That’s a result. By “why” we mean: what is your business purpose? Why do you do what you do? What are your beliefs? Why does your company exist? Why are you getting up in the morning? And why should anyone be interested?

As a result, we have the way we think, how we act, how we communicate, from outside to inside. This is how most of the advertising is done and communicated on sales. And that´s how we usually talk to each other.

We say what we do, we say how we differ, or how we are better, and we expect a certain behavior, a purchase, a voice, something like that.

From the inside to the outside

But the inspired leaders and the inspired companies and organizations, regardless of their size, regardless of their business, all think, act and communicate from the inside out.

People do not buy what they do; they buy why they do it. And if you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.

Here is a TED talk in which he talks about leaders.

transformation process

Transformation at Schätzl print emotion

Our CEO Urlich Schätzl has also approached the transformation process with this way of thinking. He started with the “why?” This is how an offset printing company turned into a company that has been printing digitally at 100% since 2015. On this way we faced several problems.

When it comes to digitization, the fear of rationalizing the workplace resonates with many employees. After all, there are instead programs and machines that do their own work much more efficiently and better than you´ve done it before. Work processes are automated and many seem to be no longer qualified enough to do the new work.

Take the staff

This is not the case with Schätzl print emotion and was never discussed at any time. Here the employees were involved in the transformation process. For about half of the employees, there were trainings and further training sessions to familiarize themselves with the new machine park, as well as the associated innovative work processes and programs, such as Oneflow. This makes Schätzl print emotion one of the pioneers in the printing industry.

transformation process

Want – may – can – make

These four pillars of innovation are also at the center of attention at Schätzl and are another indication that employees form the core of the transformation process. To work here means to enjoy free space and to incorporate your own interests in the work. The motivation increases. One would like to get involved in the company with conviction. We believe in what we do and do everything we can to produce high quality print products.

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