What kind of jobs are there in a printing house? Part 1

Why do we write a blog about the topic? Well, very simple. We’ll do that to make it clear that there are far more professions than the printer who stands by the machines, making sure that the paper sheets are printed correctly and the machine itself does not make a mess. We want to erase this prejudice once and for all. Incidentally, printers today are no longer referred to as such. But also more about it later on.

When you think at the end of this post, “hey, there are a lot of job opportunities in a printing house,” that’s a huge step forward.

First of all, we would like to mention that we are primarily concerned with ourselves, Schätzl print emotion, and that the professions listed here are not exhaustive. Nor are they likely to find the exact same professions in any print shop.

This depends on a variety of factors, starting with the size of the company (medium-sized or larger?), The printing methods and printing machines used, or whether it is an offset or digital printing, just to name a few.

After that is clear, let’s go!

At the top

In every halfway structured company, there are one or more that have the say: the CEO and / or the management. Here it isn´t uncommon that these are assisted by assistants. They for example can take care of the administration and organizational issues. Accounting and staff would also be two suitable keywords here.

Project manager

The project manager is the one in charge of a project in the company, the interface where all strands meet. He has to lead, organize, deal with budget and withstand great pressure. He must not lose sight of the big picture.

More specifically, the job of a project manager is to solve a complex task in a given time and budget.

The IT infrastructure

Jobs in a printing house - IT

The IT infrastructure is the entirety of all buildings, communication services (network), machines (hardware) and programs (software) that are provided to a higher level by a subordinate level (Latin infra “sub”) for automated information processing. And of course there are also people here who take care that it works. Here are some professions related to the IT infrastructure:

DevOps Engineer’s responsibilities include designing and creating scripts and development tools for agile software development, doing administrative work, monitoring, programming open source, designing and running device testing, logging, managing digital certificates, as well as the optimization of solutions for operative processes for software development.

An IT project manager deals with all tasks related to the planning, organization and management of IT projects. In the process, IT project managers primarily coordinate the management of employees and the collaboration with the individual departments in a company with regard to the IT project. IT project managers also set up a structured plan to implement the project, with the goal of efficiently planning and implementing projects in terms of business success and the success of a project.


As a communication designer you are the creator of all imaginable forms of advertising. Whether advertising on websites and in printed products, brochures or TV commercials: Communication designers design and implement a wide variety of advertising, as well as marketing and sales concepts. Such are also found in the area of ​​marketing & eCommerce.

The profession of media designer deals generally with the design and processing of media products for print, TV or the Internet. You deal with various elements such as text, image, graphics, sound and moving image. Very important to mention: In the field of design and marketing, all kinds of mixed forms can occur, so that a wide variety of tasks can overlap.


Jobs in a printing house - marketing

Manufacturing companies and service providers need to reach their customers to sell their products and services. Only when the customers become aware of the corresponding product or service, the sales figures increase. Many creative minds in the marketing departments of each company take care of this task.

The following tasks in marketing are part of a successful marketing work in a company:

  • Customer, market and competitive analysis
  • Product planning and market introduction
  • Product and price optimization
  • External and internal communication


The distribution of a company is responsible for the sale of manufactured goods, products or services of the company. For this, sales people are in contact with potential or existing customers. They take care of setting up a customer base, maintaining existing customer relationships and suggesting product development.

Internal sales: In account management, the task is primarily to write or prepare offers, to process complaints and to carry out customer analyzes. In this case, the contact with private end customers is called the B2C relationship; in the case of companies to companies, this is referred to as B2B.

Field sales: Field sales employees work as distributors for a company, primarily with their local customers. This means that they are less in contact – like sales representatives in the office – with customers from one office, but they travel a lot and work directly with their customers.

Customer Care

Jobs in a printing house - Customer Care

The customer service takes care of the wishes of the customer, after which a product or service was sold. Customer service is, so to speak, the interface between sales, marketing and consumers. It is responsible for keeping the customer through customer retention. After all, winning new customers is much more expensive for a company than keeping existing customers.

So far for today. Next week, we’ll continue with Part 2, where we’ll focus on occupations in production, warehousing and shipping. If you´re interested don´t be afraid to visit our homepage, or sign up for our newsletter.