What kind of jobs are there in a printing house? Part 2

Hello and welcome to our second part about jobs in a printing house (by the way also with us). For all who missed Part 1 feel free to click here.

Today, we are dedicated to the supposedly better known occupations that can be found in the production, in the warehouse and in shipping. Maybe we can still give you one or two aha-moments.

As already mentioned last week, the list of job descriptions presented here is not exhaustive. Even if print products are produced in every printing company in some form, this does not mean that the exact same activities are carried out.

We just want to point out that there are way more jobs in a print house than most people would assume.


jobs in the production of a printing house

There you have it. The area where our well-known printer is at home. Did you know, however, that he has not been labeled as such anymore? Today he is called media technologist print. He produces different types of print products (including newspapers, books, posters, packaging). For this he uses different printing machines and processes, which he adjusts for the respective job and coordinates with the intended substrates or colors. Before the printing process can take place, he first analyzes the technical feasibility of the order, plans the process and checks the print data for completeness and usability.

Bookbinders nowadays are called media technologist print processing. He is also strongly represented in our company.

They coordinate the work processes taking into account the appropriate techniques. The activities of a media technologist print processing also include operating the machines and equipment and maintaining them for production. They also work in finishing and in our case are mainly specialized in book production.

At Schätzl print emotion, however, we have a third apprenticeship that is nowhere else to be found. It´s called the plant operator with a focus on refining. He specializes in our laser cutter and our Scodix.

Our philosophy is to train and educate our employees in new techniques. The result is qualified professionals in all areas who understand their craft and have been with us for years.


jobs in the warehouse of a printing house

Logistics is generally concerned with the planning, coordination, implementation and controlling the flows of goods running smoothly. This requires specialists who ensure exactly these processes.

Here the warehouse logistics specialists come into play and should be familiar to most, because without them it is impossible. The jobs in warehouse logistics including the following tasks:

  • Accepting and controlling goods
  • storing and transporting
  • Monitor inventory changes

Materials management generally includes all physical goods that are needed for the production and storage of a product within the company or that subsequently fall away. These include raw materials and supplies or delivered individual parts. The continuous flow of materials means that all the necessary materials for a service are available. In fact in the right quantity, at the right time and for the right customer, in a specific, qualitatively perfect quantity.


jobs in shipping in a printing house

The tasks in the shipping are varied. They range from purely administrative activities, such as the planning of transports and communication with the freight forwarders, to the physical “co-packing” in the various packing and loading areas.

In a managerial position, shipping employees also plan shiftwork and divide teams accordingly. 

Compared to other companies, the special feature of Schätzl is that we employ far more workers in shipping than others. There are two reasons why. First: We we print from the first edition. That means that much more orders arise, which vary greatly in size and scope. In short. More individual orders, more packages. The other reason is that our packages are shipped directly to the end customer.


There are more jobs in a printing house than you would´ve thought, right? We hope we could bring you closer to the mystery of printing with this blog. If you liked our contribution and  were able to take some new information with you, we can recommend our newsletter. The newsletter will keep you up to date. Just enter below and stay informed.