With HP Printos Site Flow and HP Indigo 10000 to success

Schätzl print emotion through the ages

A lot has happened up to today’s use of HP’s PrintOS Site Flow. Because:

Since our foundation in 1981, much has changed in the last 30 years in the field of printing technology. What has remained is our future-oriented orientation. Always up to date, we offer our customers innovative and profitable printing services. At that time like today.

Our step into the digital age, and thus our collaboration with HP, began in the year 2000. At that time it became clear that the market was changing more and more. In order to continue to meet our customers’ wishes 100 percent, we therefore installed an HP Indigo press 7600 and an HP Indigo press 7800 in addition to the HP Indigo press 5500. At the same time, we also entered the digital printing business.

In 2014, we expanded our machine park with the high-performance HP Indigo 10000. With it, our range of services in digital printing increased enormously.

The biggest challenge was to ensure machine utilization without any production bottlenecks and without having to increase the number of permanent employees. “It quickly became clear that we needed to find a solution to be able to process the large number of customer orders as uncomplicatedly and automatically as possible using the new press,” says managing director Ulrich Schätzl.

PrintOS Site Flow von HP

The PrintOS Site Flow from HP

So we needed an interface, a so-called API (Application Program Interface), with which our customers could be connected without much programming effort. Because the development and maintenance in-house always causes great costs, Schätzl print emotion decided in favor of an off-the-peg solution. After careful exploration of the market and a meeting with Chris Knighton of OneFlow Systems in London, the choice fell on OneFlow Cloud (now known as HP’s PrintOS Site Flow).

The software is specifically designed to fully automate the print cycle of print-on-demand and print service providers. That From order placement in the system, printing, barcode-controlled production and packaging through to delivery of the product by a shipping service provider, manual intervention is no longer required. The software greatly simplifies the workflow and the order volume increases. The number of individual print jobs increased from 30,000 to 230,000 annually. And at the same time with a considerable reduction of the required staff in the dispatch area, on days with order peaks of 12,000 orders.

An efficient workflow

The versatility and ease of implementation make the product PrintOS Site Flow so charming. What used to take months of IT work is now done quickly, says Ulrich Schätzl. Within 3-5 days, a customer can be connected and we start the production. This saves both sides a lot of time and money. The cloud-based solution has tremendous benefits. The orders flow directly into our system from our customers’ websites, are automatically retrieved, checked and printed with barcodes. And that without anyone having to intervene. At the same time, the customer receives a message. Even multi-item orders (consisting of a photo book, a few postcards and business cards) are easily processed, assembled and shipped in one go.

PrintOS Site Flow generates all shipping labels and invoices. This brings us practical added value and brings us forward, says Ulrich Schätzl. In addition, new features are added on a regular basis and we do not have to worry about storage or performance, because “It’s all in the Cloud!”

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