EDM – This abbreviation symbolises a great challenge for every company. Your company’s success is directly related to its ability to organise increasingly complex processes in terms of data management.

Large volumes of data need to be organised in an ideal and need-based manner. Data covering all business processes has to be managed, organised and filed; in-house or out-sourced. For each customer, this must be done professionally and with security at its foundation.

Regardless of the industry you operate in: our experts can help you find the ideal and most cost-efficient solution for your company.

We also take care of the implementation of this solution and offer extensive after-sales support. We give you our word – a word you can rely on.

Electronic Invoice Processing

Focus on what really matters: your day-to-day business. Let us take care of your bookkeeping! This can be implemented on-site at your company, as a partly outsourced service or completely by us.
We are the interface between you and secondary accounting control systems and we can supply you with the right solution exactly for you – whether your incoming invoices need to be managed or PDF invoices need to be imported. We also offer to digitalise your paper receipts. Our experts provide advice and support when choosing and implementing the accounting control system that perfectly meets your company’s requirements.

We scan all the information you need for your bookkeeping using high-end OCR technology. We also compare all of your ERP order information gathered from all common software solutions such as SAP, psi or Oracle. This information is then transmitted to secondary accounting control systems via XML or RFC.

When your company workload is high or subject to volatility or when you are not able to meet the internal need for resources, we can offer you flexible and individual BPO solutions (Business Process Outsourcing), corresponding to your company’s situation. International, decentralised, multilingual.

Digitisation Services

We digitise your business data. Receipts, personnel files, production documentation, stock receipts and travel expense reports are just some of the documents we can digitise for you.

We scan bar codes and extract pre-defined content on an automatic level. Database-assisted intelligence and control processes for administrative checking lead to excellent process security you can rely on.

Electronic Filing + Retrieval

Your extracted information is converted into metadata. This metadata can be stored in filing systems. Using extensive retrieval options we enable you to find and access your information whenever you need it.

We are following the PDF/A standards. Therefore we can guarantee that all metadata such as title, author, creation date, date last modified, subject, key strings and others is saved as part of a PDF/A file, thus they can automatically be classified using the XMP metadata.


The future of digital invoice processing has already started. With our eInvoicing solution, all your invoice receipts are automatically and 100% paperless processed and subsequently passed on to your ERP/financial system.

The path is short and direct:
We receive your invoices in digital form, either via printer drivers, PDF Upload or OPEN Trans Standard. We automatically extract all booking-relevant contents for you and double-check them with order data and contracts; the release only takes place subsequently. The best thing is: No data will get lost. The information transport takes place via simple mouse-clicks. Even exceptions, problem cases or deadline matters can be identified efficiently and liabilities can be monitored automatically. This way, you reduce lead times, use discounts to the maximum and have your error rate tend towards zero. The compliance with, for example, signature guidelines and defined regulations simplifies audits and saves time and money. eInvoicing by Schätzl also fulfils all necessary requirements such as SOX, IFRS etc. for your international transactions. You can (ac)count on us!

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