Schätzl - Fulfillment Partner
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To reach the next level isn’t always that easy when you are doing it without a professionial partner who knows how to enable a Start-Up, support a SMB or delivers for a big company.
We excel in all of these areas and want YOU to be a part of our evergrowing success story!
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Schätzl - Fulfillment Partner
What can we offer you as a fulfillment partner?

With plenty of business ideas out there, you need an efficient way to turn your own creative concept into reality.
In order to implement your ideas, it’s crucial to have a reliable, innovative partner that eventually enables a worldwide expansion of your business. As an experienced, future-oriented print fulfillment partner, we can offer you the perfect solution – from Germany to Europe, one of the biggest markets in the world.

"Print-on-demand” is the keyword here. We offer you a complete solution that allows fully automated order processing. Thanks to the intelligent networking of your platform with our workflow solution, you will not only achieve optimal communication, but also the automation of your business processes. In this way, we not only produce shortly after data input, but remain cost-efficient at the same time.
Individual orders are transferred to us without further manual intervention - this enables you and your staff to save both time and costs and allows you to focus entirely on your creativity and the core business of your company.
On completion of all processing steps, you will furthermore benefit from our professional in-house logistics and delivery: we represent the gateway to the whole of Germany and Europe for your company, all of which is in your name.

In conclusion: our fulfillment is an end-to-end service, including printing, finishing, shipping and aftersales for books, greeting cards, posters as well as photo based and corporate products.
But that is not all: relying on our experience and dedication combined with our high-end print technology, we additionally assist and support you with the optimization of every product and idea. Together with you we will find the perfect solution!

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