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Your Partner for an Individual B2B Closed Shop

Manually typesetting business cards? Different papers, colors, and formats depending on the order? Long waiting periods?

Diversity makes for change and delight in many areas of life. Your print products, however, should be homogenous in quality and optics with every order.

That’s no problem with your future Closed Shop. There, you can design, maintain, and order recurring print products easily and intuitively.

Our Closed Shop in combination with the Web2Print editor has long since established itself as an individual print portal for companies.

This way, you can individualize all types of printed advertising material or print products easily and fast without layout software.

Our team of experts is continuously working on advancements to provide a ‘state of the art’ software solution for you, not only now but also in the future.

The whole workflow is topped off by the print of your products on our digital printing machines.

The benefits for you are perfectly obvious:

  • Corporate Design

  • Personalization of your print products concurrent with your corporate design due to Web2Print templates defined by you

  • Time saving: possibility to re-order designed products

  • Brand recognition: your individual print portal is adapted to your company colors and corporate design

  • No need for prior knowledge for the design of print products and for placing orders

  • Cost saving: lower production costs due to print on demand

  • Order is controlled by a defined release process

  • Billing includes specified cost center for internal accounting

  • Connection to your established ERP System by means of OCI (Open Catalog interface)

Trust in our experience of more than 35 years in the print segment and our individual Closed Shop. Many others already do.

Through our modern Closed Shop technology, your processes and their costs will be optimized further in the future… while you get to focus on your core business only.

You already have your own online shop or a portal for the creation of your print data? You’re looking for a print service provider for your orders?

We’re still your guys. Check out our info about being your print service provider for the processing of your orders.

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