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Our Technologies

You’re into technology stuff and would like to know more about our machine park?


All engineering and technology nerds have come to the right place! Look up the details regarding our machinery on this page!

Our aspiration as to the machine park is to keep pace with the times. With its help we want to be in a position to fulfill your print desires.

Even in the topic of enhancement, we constantly upgrade what we already have. We recognize trends and enable them inhouse at Schätzl. Check out the newest acquisitions in more detail – the Scodix Ultra Pro™ und den Motioncutter 2.0®.

Put your ideas into practice and contact us now.

More machinery is about to follow …

HP Indigo 10.000

HP Indigo 10.000
Format Max. 750×530 mm
ProductivityUp to 4.600 sheets/ hour
SubstratesMore than 2800 certified substrates
Paper weightUncoated media: 90-400 g/m²
Coated media: 100-400 g/m²
Paper thickness75-450 Micrometer
ColorsUp to 7
Special colors: HKS, Pantone

As the flagship of digital print in general, this digital printing machine is a fundamental element in our production workflow, too.

With this machine and its up to 7 colors plus further special colors, almost all colors are depictable.

Scodix Ultra Pro™

Scodix Ultra Pro™

Be it glitter, gloss, metallic or crystal, we enhance your product – in an extraordinary way.

But that’s not the end of it! There are more ways of enhancement with the Scodix Ultra Pro™!

The braille alphabet can be depicted without problems, as well!

Its effects are not only for the eyes though… the haptics of all effects are a whole new experience!

Format Min. 420×297 mm
Max. 750×530 mm
ProductivityUp to 1.250 sheets/ hour in B2+ format
SubstratesPrinted papers
Synthetic material/ plastic
Laminated substrates
Coated substrates
Substrate weight135-675 g/m²
Substrate thicknessUp to 700 Mikrometer
ResolutionUp to 2.540 x 450 dpi

Motioncutter 2.0®

Motioncutter 2.0®

The laser of the Motioncutter does not only work in highspeed but also with pinpoint precision. Even most filigree patterns and shapes don’t pose a problem at all!

Although, it does not only paper work on paper… even e.g. on magnetic paper, synthetic material and wood it displays your logo and other motives!

Kiss Cut
Format 530×4000 mm
Laser area500×4000 mm
ProductivityUp to 1.000 sheets/ hour
Magnetic paper
Synthetic material

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