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You’re interested in Print Enhancement?

Print enhancement upgrades your prints optically. There is a wide range of possibilities and you choose which of our options you and your customers like best.

With us you can choose between different types of print enhancement. There are two main types of it in our company: for one, enhancement with our laser and on the other hand with foil, lacquer, and the like. Our newest acquisitions, the Motioncutter 2.0® and the Scodix Ultra™ Pro, make it happen! For more details visit our techie page. Classic types of print enhancement, as for example foil lamination, hot foil or blind embossing are part of our standard repertoire.

Come and visit our product page to explore our whole portfolio.

But how are your products enhanced by our laser?

It takes not only bolt-upright lines but also filigree and curlicued ornaments in stride. Apart from cutting, it is able to perforate, crease and engrave or even kiss cut labels. And then there’s personalization! Paper, magnetic paper and synthetic material but even wood or fabrics are not going to stop this all-rounder.

A great advantage is the cost-efficient production. There’s no need for cutting dies anymore contrary to conventional methods. This just made very small runs economical. Once used digital templates can be adapted to other sizes and formats independent of the product. This way, the same data file can be used, for example, for a business card and a poster.

That’s already what you’re looking for?

…or get to know more about our second main option for enhancement here!

The Scodix Ultra Pro™ enhances on paper but with all imaginable varieties. Gloss and sparkles are just right for you and your customers? Be it UV-lacquer, relief-lacquer, foil embossing in all kinds of colors or metallic effects, this machine offers all of the above. It even depicts Crystal or Braille reliably. Get a first visual impression on our product page.

In this case, too, the machine allows for highly increased cost efficiency. The expensive manufacture of embossing forms is no longer required, so in this case again, the production of small runs becomes economical. Here, as well, a product-independent adaption of the particular data file to different formats can be done easily.

Exclusive (print) products and print enhancement are more than a trend. Let your customers be a part of it and make their day with a golden gift. Or show your employees how much you appreciate them with a precious thank you.

You’re having a rough idea of how your print enhancement could look? You can count on our advice!

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. The foundation has been laid for a longer-term cooperation with regular orders. We’re at your disposal as enhancement and print service provider including an automation of your business processes and a connection to your backend as well as your shop.

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