Welcome to our wonderful world of print products.

We truly love printing and we turn great digital ideas into valuable physical content with our state of the art machinery. Digital printing deserves only the best technology, which delivers both superior quality and rapid speed in an ever-changing environment.

We consider HP Indigo as the best. The apparently unlimited capabilities of our HP Indigo 10.000 and its little brother, HP Indigo 7.800, support us in our daily business.

We mentioned diversity and we deliver diversity. Curious?

Schaetzl is able to upgrade your products in a wide range of possibilities. We’re talking about enhancement!

Our Scodix is your key to retain customers or attract new ones. Scodix upgrades your products with high gloss and variable densities , stunning metallic and glitter effects. It can even offer braille. Feel it and believe it!

Diversity goes along with our Motioncutter too! It is designed to cut, engrave and perforate your content (among other things) according to your specifications. No material is going to stop our laser cutter in its creativity. Not even wood or textile. 100% added value.

Take a look at our sample photos below and experience our variety of products. You can filter the categories so you decide what you want to see.

In case you want to know more about us or want to request a free sample, please feel free to drop us a note.

We really think digital print is amazing and digital enhancement tops it off perfectly. You should not only see but feel the difference!

Get on board now and be ahead of times!

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