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Offering you a diverse functional catalogue we make sure to find the right solution customized for you!

By covering the whole range of analog and digital services for different industries our expertise benefits you in any case – national and international

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Mass Customization

The customer or the user is at the beginning of the value chain and not at the end, like it is the in a mass production. Which means that the final product will exactly meet their needs and expectations.

Mass customization as an innovative printing service is the key which will enable us to continue to reach demanding target audiences in the future with personalized products and advertising materials and to approach them individually.

In summary:
We offer your company an all-round printing service!

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Print on Demand

With the Print-on-Demand (POD) process, only what is really needed will be produced. With us, this means individual print products, from calendars up to invitations and even your own book. For you as a client, Print on Demand offers you the advantage that you can get your products produced cost-effectively and without complications.The only prerequisite is a trustworthy Print on Demand partner you can count on at any time. 

In summary:
Print on Demand means: fast, uncomplicated, cost-effective and time-saving.

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Print finishing

Print finishing offers various advantages and has been a main part of our company for years. With the help of print finishing you can create emotions and transport them. You are also able to express emotions and emphasize certain elements of a print product.

In summary:
We give your products that special touch!

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White Labeling

"White Label" refers to products for which the actual producer (i.e. Schaetzl) does not appear on the label. But instead, your products will be produced by us in the preferred corporate design and delivered in your name. Are you a Dropshipper, an eCommerce Brand or a printing company and you can't or don't want to serve all needs or requirements of your customers? Then use White Labeling. So you can focus optimally on your customer loyalty, eCommerce and online marketing by handing over the production and shipping to us, as specialists in white labeling. If you choose the white label solution, we send your package in your name, with your corporate design, to your end customer.

In summary:
Focus on your core competence