Mass Customization - from quantity 1

Offer personalized and individualized print products which exactly satisfy the customer’s needs and offer them inexpensively as well?
Mass Customization is the key to make it possible.

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What is Mass Customization?

Nowadays, when people are seeking something special, they no longer want mass products. But what really counts nowadays are individual single-unit productions. The demand for this is growing steadily and in almost every industry. For many companies, it is not simply possible to implement personalized individual orders, since they lack the essential technology and experience. But how can they satisfy the customer's demand for individuality? This is where Mass Customization comes in!

If you would like to have your dream car in red today, then you can order it in red. So why shouldn't you be able to order a book with your name on its cover and with your personal content as well? This is possible with Mass Customization.

As Schätzl print emotion, we provide the answer to any challenge of tailoring printed products exactly to the needs of your customer.

Mass customization in printing requires three things:
● a Digital Mindset of both the customer and the producer.
● a workflow system that enables you to guide the products through the company without touching them.
● the appropriate technology to produce efficiently and in high quality.

This is our DNA, this is what we are living. We live and love Mass Customization in terms of Quality, Speed and Efficiency

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Your Benefits - Mass Customization at a glance:

● Mass customization means printing individually and nevertheless cost-effectively.

● With mass customization of personalized products, the customer is no longer at the end of the value-added chain - as it is with traditional mass production - but at the beginning.

● People nowadays  are increasingly demanding individuality - even in products. Strong growth can be seen in the following areas, for example: personalized books, CDs and T-shirts, individual greeting cards, mailings and letters to business customers.

● Mass customization as an innovative printing service is the key to reaching demanding target groups with personalized products and advertising materials in a targeted manner and addressing them individually.

● The willingness of many consumers to buy personalized and individual products is significantly higher. In addition, people feel more valued if they are being personally spoken  (e.g. in mailings, cover letters). On the other hand, for them this also means strong customer loyalty and higher revenues.

In Detail - This is how our all-round service works:

1.  The order is submitted in your shop. For you, we connect your system (e.g. online shop) directly with our workflow service. This enables you to automate your business processes and thus save time and money. With the tracking ID, you can track at any time how far your order has progressed in the processing and dispatch process.

2.  Through the automation of all orders and processes, no data has to be manually sent anymore. Everything is done in time and in a fully automated way. As a result, you and your employees will save this time and the resulting costs. This means you can fully focus on your core competencies.

3. Your data will be checked and collected by us and then sent into the production process.

4.  Data transmission: Print-on-demand (i.e. printing to order) is the keyword here. We collect similar orders and process them promptly and collectively. In this way, we don't not only produce shortly after submission of data, but also remain cost-efficient.

5.  After finishing all processing steps, you will benefit from our good shipping terms in Europe. we will open the door to the whole Europe for you, and all this in your name. You can always have an overview of the entire process. Status changes will be directly sent to your system or your customer shop,including a Tracking ID that enables you to track your shipment to its final destination.

Do you have anymore questions? Do you want to know whether your system can also be connected to ours? just give us a call. We will be glad to help you further!