Print finishing

Should your print products be eye-catching and stand out from the crowd?

Then we are pleased to offer you a wide range of finishing options to enhance the look & feel of your printed products.


What is print finishing?

Paper quality and print finishing play an increasingly important role in corporate communications. Their aim is to use both the optic and haptic effects to stand out from the crowd of printed products and thus thus attract more viewer attention. Since high-quality print products are generally also more expensive, companies are asking more and more frequently for proof of effectiveness of their products.

Print finishing has been an essential part of our company for years. We strongly believe that print finishing is beneficial to everyone who wants to reflect emotion and differentiation. Furthermore, you can use them to express feelings and to highlight certain elements of a print product. Print enhancement can be used individually and creates a personal wow-effect that leaves a positive and long-lasting impression on the customer. Moreover, your print product will be protected from any external influences, such as scratches or other damage. 

Through the use of our ultra-modern Scodix technology with lacquer or foil, in a wide range of colors, we are able to fulfill our clients' wishes and expectations. 

Do you also want to offer print finished products in your assortment? Then get in touch with us and arrange your free appointment for a non-binding information meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!


How do you benefit from this?
Your advantages of print finishing:

● They protect your print product from external influences. This property underlines the value of your product and increases the likelihood that it will be perceived positively by the customer.

● Print finishing is visually and haptically upgrading. Nobody is interested in something or wants to buy something that gives a cheap impression.

● You generate attention and stand out from the mass of print products > Your message is heard and remains positive in the memory

● Increases the customer's desire to buy, so they are able to sell more of their print products.

● Finished print products ensure that your customer is more aware of you and your product or service portfolio. They enjoy full attention and can concentrate on selling.

Use the advantages of our print finishes and stand out from the crowd.

In Detail - We offer you these finishing options:

1. Partial UV varnishing
Those who want to attract more attention with their printed products can use finishing techniques to create highly brilliant color effects, such as the glamorous effect of partial UV varnishing. The coating will be applied in part and afterwards cured with UV light. To obtain varying Optic and haptic impressions after processing, UV varnishes can be mixed with various effect pigments or colours.

2. Relief varnish
Another brilliant effect is the partial relief varnishing or Spot varnishing. Three-dimensional varnishes make it possible to create completely different effects -that can be visually and haptically felt. With the help of our Scodix Ultra Pro™ we enhance the surface of the paper with a special UV varnish. Like normal UV varnish, the relief varnish is generally suitable for glossy or matt effects and can also be applied in different colors by adding color pigments.

3. Hot foil finishing
Hot foil finishing is a high-quality finishing process. With our Scodix Ultra Pro™, we can achieve glossy impressions on various printed products with high-gloss metallic foils or special effect foils in gold, silver and copper.

4. Braille
By relief lacquering our Scodix Ultra Pro™ can also illustrate Braille in high quality.