Print on Demand

No need to order large print runs anymore, but only the quantity you currently need. Print on demand makes it possible.


What is Print on Demand?

In an age of increased ecological awareness and fast-paced life, it does not make much sense to print products in large quantities in stock and wait to see whether the entire stock is purchased or not. The risk of a losing business is continuously present here, because it is almost impossible to estimate always correctly what quantity of a certain product is actually sold. Large print runs are nevertheless very common in the printing industry.

Why does Print on Demand make sense? when you go to a supermarket and want to buy just a bottle of milk, you don't want to feel like you have to buy the whole milk pallet. The same goes for print products if you need a single book or a short run of books, for example. Why should you be able to order here only a minimum quantity which you currently don't need and in the worst case, they might be left sitting ? With us as your Print on Demand partner, this loss business will definitely not happen to you.

With the print-on-demand (POD) process, you can have your individual print product produced, from calendars to invitations up to your personal book. For you as a client, Print on Demand offers the opportunity to have your products produced inexpensively and easily. The prerequisite is a trustworthy print on demand partner you can count on at any time - that's what we at Schätzl print emotion guarantee.

How can we make print on demand become a reality? We achieve this by combining state-of-the-art technology, a strong team with the right mindset, and the right qualifications and equipment. All this, combined with a fully automated workflow that enables us to print in a non-contact way, makes us the ideal Print on Demand partner.

For whom is Print on Demand suitable?

● Print on Demand is basically suitable for anyone who wants to distribute their print products inexpensively and perfectly matched to the needs and wishes of the customer. 

● POD is ideal for small businesses and creative " single fighters " and even allows quick experiments with new product lines and variants.  

● In order for Print on Demand to  work really optimally, it depends above all on IT, i.e. smoothly functioning interfaces (API's) and efficient and modern automation software (e.g. SiteFlow) at the print service provider.Entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to this before awarding a contract. 

● Furthermore, a fast working print partner is also important to guarantee a smooth order processing.


Your advantages of Print on Demand:

● Print on demand: Fast, uncomplicated, affordable and time-saving.

● You order and pay only for what you really need.

●  Updates and reprints are possible at any time.

● Print products which would not be profitable in traditional print runs can be efficiently sold.

●  Products for which there is less requirement can always be supplied on request.

● The individual print products can be personalized.

● Your storage costs are reduced.

● Transport costs are also significantly reduced by decentralizing printing.

You can also benefit from the various advantages of Print On Demand and choose us as your Print Fulfillment Partner!

In Detail - Our all-round service explains:

1.  In your shop an order is being submitted. Your shop is connected to our workflow system. All your business processes (ordering and shipping) will be automated, which will save you time and money as well.

2.  The advantage of this is that you do not have to send us any manual data anymore. It all happens in time and fully automatic. As a result, you and your employees will save this time and the resulting costs and can fully concentrate on your core competencies.

3. Your data will be checked and collected by us and then sent into the production process.

4.  We collect similar orders and process them promptly and collectively. We remain competitive and cost-effective at all times because there is no waiting time anymore.

5.  After finishing all processing steps, you will benefit from our good shipping terms in Europe. Status changes will be directly sent to your system ,including a Tracking ID that enables you to track your shipment to its final destination.

Do you still thinking about whether print on demand is also something beneficial for your company? Then do not hesitate to contact us! just give us a call and we will be glad to help you further.