White Labeling

The perfect solution for all those who want to satisfy the requirements and needs of their customers, but at the same time cannot or do not want to set up their own sales structure.


What is white labeling?

h white labeling, products and services can be produced under the name of another brand. The advantage of this is that your product will be printed by a specialist and can be marketed as your own. The concept seems clear, but how and for which purpose can you use this method for your company?

We have a very clear definition of our responsibilities with our B2B customers. You focus on the customer experience and on sales, while we define the products and manufacture them for your end customer, in your name and branding, in white labeling. The products will be shipped directly to your end customer as drop shipment. So we as white-label experts create the perfect chain between you, the end customer, and us.

Are you looking for a professional and reliable printing partner? Then you are exactly right with us! Convince yourself and contact us. We will be glad to help you.

White labelling at Schätzl print emotion:

● If you choose the white label service, we will deliver your package to your end customer in your name and corporate design.

● Your address will be shown on the package and the delivery ticket.

● Of course, our quality standards and quick delivery times will be maintained.

● You can have your products printed by us, but you will be appearing exclusively as the manufacturer for your customers.

● Status changes will be reported to your system or your customer shop, including a tracking ID for tracking the shipment.


Your benefits with us:

● With us, as your white label specialists, you are able to focus on the requirements and needs of your customers.

● Increase your customer loyalty and trust: You can fully concentrate on customer experience, online marketing and sales of your products. We print your products and send them to the end customer by white label, in your name.

● You benefit from our unique shipping terms and conditions throughout Europe.

● Our entire production processes remain 100% transparent for you at any time, so you always have an overview. (Status changes will be directly send to your system or your customer shop, including a tracking ID for shipment tracking).

● Save time and resources that are necessary for new development and use of new solutions.

In detail - Our all-round service:

1.  One of your customers orders a product in your shop. we connect your system (e.g. online shop) directly with our workflow service. This enables you to automate your business processes and thus save time and money. With the tracking ID, you can track at any time how far your order has progressed in the processing and dispatch process.

2.  Through the automation of all orders and processes, no data has to be manually sent anymore. Everything is done in time and in a fully automated way. As a result, you and your employees will save this time and the resulting costs. This means you can fully focus on your core competencies.

3.  Your data will be checked and collected by us and then sent into the production process.

4.  We will collect all similar orders and process them promptly and collectively.  In this way, we don't not only produce shortly after submission of data, but also remain cost-efficient.

5.  After finishing all processing steps, you will benefit from our good shipping terms in Europe. We will open the door to the whole Europe for you, and all this in your name. You can always have an overview of the entire process. Status changes will be directly sent to your system or your customer shop, including a Tracking ID that enables you to track your shipment to its final destination.

You are still uncertain whether white labeling is also feasible for your company? Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.